Bomb types Naval/Coastal

Does anyone know if the new armour piercing bombs are more effective than standard bombs when dropped on destroyers and above?

Same goes for napalm, are these also more effective against ships?

Thanks in advance.

From my understanding, the AP bombs are better for direct hits at a decent alt. If you are doing low alt drops, regular HE is still the best option. Ships with little to no armor should be hit with regular HE.

AP bombs work best for ammo racking ships. Battleships and heavy cruisers would probably be the favored target for AP bombs. Hit just in front of the turret to plunge the bomb into their ammo racks

Napalm will damage crew on the deck but not much else. Should still be viable vs coastal.


Thanks! I’ll give that a go.

I’ve never bothered with AP bombs or napalm in Naval AB.

1 x 1000lb/500kg HE fused to 0.0 seconds will destroy most DD’s, 2-3 will vaporize most cruisers and sometimes BB’s, but if not come back with a reload!