Bomb fuses

i cant seem to get bomb fuses working , i have it set for 2 sec in main setting , but in game it explodes on impact , do i have a setting wrong ??

it never used to do this

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If I remember correctly there are two possibilities:

Assault fuse:

Bomb will
a) detonate upon impact, if “falling time” > “defined fuse time”

b) detonate the defined time after dropping, if “falling time” < “defined fuse time” (meaning it impacts before the defined fuse time)

“Normal” fuse:

  • Bomb will detonate the “defined fuse time” after impact

Is it one of the new armour piercing bombs?
They seem to be inertially fuzed, and explode when their speed drops below a certain threshold. So the time setting in the aircraft configuration menu has no effect on those fuzes.
When dropping them on the ground, they will explode on impact

So how do you change the defined fuze time then?

…you set it in the pre-battle briefing screen.

Note that the entry (like gun convergence) is universal, and NOT aircraft-specific.

The assault fuse will explode the bomb on impact if it took more than 1.0 seconds from drop to impact. If it impacts at less than 1.0 seconds then it will be a 2 second fuse.


Make sure its actually set to the right setting when you are choosing your aircraft, it likes to reset.

For me it is different. For the record i use 1s fuse normally, but when i use assault, bomb needs to fall for 5s to be impact, if it does not it counts another 5s on ground and then explodes

I set fuse times in the Test Run area then go back to the main game.I don’t know if that is better.

Since I think always I use 2s “Normal” fuse everywhere, don’t even think about this anymore.

This for me works for all altitudes and speeds, and even for slow movers like A-10 at treetop altitude works without having to use retarded bombs…