Boeing AH-64E Guardian

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Boeing AH-64E Guardian




The AH-64, which was developed in the 1970s as part of the U.S. Army’s Advanced Armed Helicopter Program (AAH), served as a replacement for the AH-1 Cobra. Five manufacturers, including Boeing, Bell, Hughes, Lockheed, and Sikorsky, competed for the program before the U.S. Department of Defense ultimately chose the Hughes YAH-64 Helicopter. Following this selection, the YAH-64 proceeded to the second phase of bidding. In 1976, the U.S. Department of Defense announced Hughes Helicopter Company (later acquired by McDonnell Douglas) as the winner of the YAH-64 contract.

The AH-64E enhancements encompass various improvements such as an upgraded data link system and landing gear, as well as the integration of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). Additionally, it features a more robust T700-GE-701D engine, a reduction gear system tailored for high-power engines, and new composite rotor blades. Furthermore, it possesses the capability to control unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), among other advancements.

The United States received an order from the Taiwanese Army for 30 AH-64E armed helicopters. The initial shipment of six helicopters was transported to Kaohsiung Port by sea on November 4, 2013, with additional deliveries made in July 2014. These AH-64Es are currently being utilized by the Taiwanese Army Air Force (ROCAF). Unfortunately, on April 25, 2014, an ROCAF AH-64E crashed into the roof of a residential house in Longtan District, Taoyuan City, resulting in injuries to both pilots and rendering the helicopter irreparable.

The Remaining 29 Helicopters are still in service as of 2024, and are planned to be used past 2030.

Technical Data


Crew - 2

Length - 14.68m

Height - 4.72 m

Rotor Diameter - 14.63 m

Empty Weight - 5,105 kg

Gross Weight - 6,838 kg

Max Takeoff Weight - 10,432 kg

Powerplant - 2 x T700-GE-701 Turboshaft Engines

Max Speed - ~293 km/h

Rate of Climb - 853+ m/s

Combat Radius - 480 km


1 x 30mm M320A1 Chain Gun, Nose Mounted (1,200 Rounds)

4 x AIM-92 (ATAS/L) AAM’s

4 x Hydra 70 Rocket Pods (76 Total) (Can be fitted with APKWS)

16 x AGM-114K/M Hellfire II ATGM’s

16 x AGM-114C Hellfire ATGM’s

16 x AGM-114L Longbow ATGM’s

2 x AGM-122 Sidearm ATGM’s (?)

16 x BGM-71 TOW ATGM’s (?)

2 x AIM-9M/S

(?) means that only one source claims they equip it, also no imagery (that I could find)


AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar
AN/ALQ-136 Radar Jammer
AN/AAR-57 Missile Warning System
TADS/PNVS Thermal Targeting and Camera System





Taiwan’s brand new AH 64E Apache helicopter crashes (



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Suggestion made with aid from Miki_Hoshii Old Forum Post

Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft, Vol.4 (Page 477-479)

Taiwan’s AH-64s Are The World’s Most Sinister-Looking Apaches (

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It only makes sense to be the cap of the ROCA helicopter line. +1

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Will be a much better A2G choice than Z-10 in game


For sure. The Z-10 is an AA helicopter.

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-1 it is not necessary, and especially shouldn’t be given to CHINA if the US doesn’t get a variant of the AH-64E that can equip Stingers on the wingtips without sacrificing the missile warning system

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they used it so they get it their is no valid argument against it


China will grow larger


There absolutely is a valid argument: it’s not Chinese and it isn’t necessary, like I already said.

“They used it” is not a valid argument. China already has their own domestic helicopters to be added, like the improved Z-10ME and the new Z-21. They don’t need and shouldn’t have foreign helicopters which would also be better than the one from the origin country.

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Its used by Taiwan so they get it when it comes

You can cry about it all you want it wont change the outcome

We don’t know the outcome if this thing will ever be added to CHINA, so you can keep crying about me making a valid argument to not include this thing.

If the AH-64E comes USA, Britain, Taiwan and all the other nations that used it will get it

You going no they can’t have that its American won’t change that

I think this guy forgot about Taiwan’s existence.

He knows he just hates when a nation gets something American

But AKD-10 is still worse than any other ATGMs
And considering Gaijin even add C&P nations as sub tree to fill the preset like Finland and Hungary, this Apache from Republic of China is really reasonable to add

ROCAF Apache Guardian (AH-64E) BR same AH-64E from US Army & British Army

I dont see a big problem with a Taiwanese apache, and this may help to bolster the top tier China CAS potentials even though it might be mediocre right now.