BMP2M iron plate is magic black hole,and not realistic

In reality,PLA did a test ,use apfsds to shoot though 10 standing steel plates.


by:中国兵器工业集团 杨一楠 2018.08.13
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Every plate is shot through,and left with a big hole by apfsds,and many little hole by pieces/fragments from former plate.This means,every shoot through a plate,should give 2 waves/group of pieces/fragements.
I used a USA M1A1 M829A1 to shoot nearly every nation nearly br10.0 lt/ifv,all test tanks owns iron plates between crews and the engines .And the result is just a show of gaijin bias.
Russian BMP2M and French VBCI is the most magic on their plate with nearly 90%-100% only 1st waves from broken engine pieces ,only get 1 groups,the 2nd groups straightly created by APFSDS knocked on Iron Plate just not exist on these 2 tanks.,while it is usually the main damage creator .ONLY when apfsds then hit crews or other plates it will get some fragments out…in these 2 tanks ,2 groups of pieces/fragments possibility is just nearly 0%.
Japan Type16 owns 2 iron plates,and usually engines pieces will be stopped by 2nd/behind plate,and only apfsds ,2nd groups of fragments will arrive at crews.USA M1128 will some time magic disapear the apfsds groups,that means no any pieces/fragments created even apfsds knocked and shoot through the iron plate.These 2 tanks 2 groups possibility are about 50%.
Italy Dardo,centura,Swedish 9040C 90105,is also kinda magic,but possibility lower,get 2 groups of fragments possibility is about 70%.
CHINA ZBD04A and Germany Puma is the most realistic ,just as in reality,these 2 tanks will get nearly 100% possibility to create 2 groups of pieces/fragments ,one is broken engines,one is knocked on plates by apfsds,and i heard that maybe get 3rd used to ,which apfsds get engines pieces and plates pieces twice when it pass through.but gaijin seems fixed this “bug”.
Still one word,this is definitely a Bias thing.How can Russian And French get things anti reality magic?or yes,if Italy/sweden/usa is so called magic ,then Russian and French is just a bias,money bias,or bwd bias.And China/German is hate bias,or sounds better,most realistic bias.


Gaijin ,fix this “bug” as you did on 3rd groups of “bug” fragments.Or decrease China ZBD04A Germany Puma s 100% one shoot to die bias bug.Balance is not the reason you can put bias into you hate nations,and your love nation.This is just double standard to Chinese/Germany.

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