BMP-3 ATGM autoloader missing

So turns out that the BMP-3 had, and still has, an autoloader for the ATGMs it carries, it takes more time than loading regular shells, yeah, but it isnt nowhere near 25 seconds, its closer to 7 or 10 seconds

So since the thing already gets overshadowed by the BMD-4 anyway, might aswell give it to it

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Gaijin said that the BMP-3 we have in the game is an old one that got retrofitted with the Sodema, but not the autoloader.
One thing they could do to make it different from the BMD-4 would be giving it APFSDS, and sending it higher to have a better IFV that is freely available to Soviet players.
Although It’s much more likely that we’ll see a modernized BMD-4 into the tree sometimes down the road…

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ok but why does our BMP-3 have the new turret then? these were only delivered with the autoloader

Gaijinverse BMP-3, there are a couple of vehicles that have a visual model that doesn’t reflect their actual representation. You can try to bug report it, see if they changed their mind, but you’ll likely just be told “It is what it is.”.

I’d be curious to see a picture of the old turret if you happen to have one tho.

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What do you mean new turret. Turret for the BMP-3 hasn’t changed unless you count prototypes/demonstrators like pic related

yeah the problem with that is that the soderma is part of the bmp-3m upgrade package which also includes the forementioned autoloader and the capability to install ERA but that part is optional

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There is another turret for the main line BMP-3, infact there is like 3, but all of them differ internally

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someone actually did some research before writing Im suprised

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yeah thats the new turret, you can tell by the looks of the autoloader ring since the shells are vertical as opposed to the old one in which they are horizontal
Im talking about the retrofiting of the BMP-3, since thats whats ingame atm, just incomplete

this is the BMP-3M newly produced with the new turrets
this the BMP-3 original autoloader, the one in the video i sent in the beginning is also an original BMP-3 autoloader retrofited for the ATGM autoloader

BMP-3 with autoloader (and also IRST) is BMP-3M that never seen service in russian army. There are two variants of BMP-3 with Sodema in russian service: old BMP-3s retrofited with Sodema and newly produced with Sodema already installed.

Not really, since the BMP-3M is the one with the new autoloader with vertical shells which is the same as in the BMD-4


yeah i also have images, and i did a little more diggin and turns out not all of the BMP-3s have it but a lot do, its not like absolutetly standarised, except for the arabic ones, all of those have the autoloaders as far as my knowledge goes, so yeah

Also turns out that something similar to the BMP-2D armor package exists which isnt inheretly part of the BMP-3M, or any of the 5 variants or so that there is of the BMP-3M
this although somewhat uncommon would be a decent thing to have, since not all BMP-2s got the D package, its a fair thing to add in my opinion

for the last time. the first BMP DID NOT HAVE AN AUTOLOADER. :)
Tankograd: BMP-3 (


In the original BMP-3 model, known internally under the product code of Object 688-sb.6, the loading of ATGMs was done manually but the convenience of the process was enhanced by a special loading mechanism. It is described as such in practically all publicly available sources but with varying levels of specificity. In page 30 of the book “Боевые машины пехоты БМП-1, БМП-2 и БМП-3” (Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-1, BMP-2 and BMP-3), Sergey Suvorov writes that the loading of missiles was carried out manually with a ramming mechanism. Aleksandr Kurochkin simply writes in “Famous BMP-3: New Capabilities” that prior to the introduction of an autoloader, a passenger assisted the gunner to load the ATGMs quickly.

The study was sponsored by the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) and was written using unclassified and other public domain sources available at the time.

In the report “Комплекс Вооружения БМП-3” (Weapons Complex of the BMP-3) by S. M. Berezin et al., published in the May 1991 issue of “Вестник бронетанковой техники”, a manual ramming mechanism from the stowage racks is mentioned as part of the weapons complex and a mechanical ATGM rammer is listed in the weapons complex structure diagram, shown below. The ammunition rack is marked (УП) and the ramming mechanism is marked as (МДП). In the diagram, the components of electrically powered systems in the weapons complex are placed inside boxes with dotted borders, whereas unpowered systems are not. As the diagram shows, the ramming mechanism for ATGMs is not powered.

what we have ingame is RETROFITED BMP-3 and as i said like 3 times the autoloader can be RETROFITED to standar BMP-3s aswell, its one of main reasons they made it, because back then the BMD-4 turret didnt exist and the one ingame already got retrofited with a sodema sight so might aswell, specially now that it is at 9.0 for some dumb reason

The BMP 3 in-game is not the retrofitted bmp 3, gaijin even said this when it came out on early access. I dont know why you all keep brining this up. This has been talked to death.