BMP-2M, Algerian Army arid Camouflage

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Algerian BMP-2M with desert camo.


The first customer of this upgraded russian armor vehicle was Algeria. In 2006 Algeria ordered upgade kits from Russia for their BMP-2 IFVs to upgrade them to the new BMP-2M standard. It was planned that 360 Algerian BMP-2s will be upgraded to the BMP-2M standard. It seems that by 2016 upgraded BMP-2Ms were widely used by Algerian armored forces. Russian Army was not that fast in upgrading its BMP-2 fleet. A batch of 20+ modernized BMP-2Ms was delivered to the Russian Army in 2019. Testing was completed during the same year.

About the camo:



Algerian BMP-2Ms used in the country’s arid/desert environments are painted with a brown and green pattern. The vehicle registration plate is placed on the left rear door of the vehicle.



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