BMP-2M 30mm APFS-DS over pen

Was messing around with the BMP-2M today and killed a Centurion Mk 10 with the 30mm from the front at 341m.

I thought this as odd, so I looked into the pen of the 30mm APFD-DS. Stats say at 100m its 99mm, at 500m its 94mm. The Centurion’s turret armor is thicker than 100mm, maybe it has a weak spot.

Nope, no weakspots. Maybe I should run a protection analysis to verify.

Still can’t pen. But I sure can in test drive. And as I am a loner, I can’t do it on a live game to prove otherwise. Sure seems odd, that it can pen something it shouldnt be able to.

Just realized the gifs are worse than potato quality. Here is the full 36sec vid in 720p


Likely an armor hole.

I looked for one and even did a pen analysis, there was no hole. And I hit the same “hole” multiple times during two different test drives. If its that small to find, I doubt I would have hit it multiple times.

Never underestimate Gaijin’s trash programming.

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