BMP-1's are hard!

The gun is hard to aim with low velocity. Mobility is above average but not too fast which you cant beat other light tanks to key positions (gets me killed often) . And survivability is… well BMP levels. I would take an IS-4M over it all day long. The chinese one is even worse, although the ATGM has more pen and is tandem, the speed and response is slower, and it is unusable in close combat.

Any tips on how to play or use this vehicle well? Some people really love the BMP-1’s, but I just cant seem to get a hang of it.

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Mainly you just need to get used to the slow HEAT, it’s damage is lacking but the penetration is acceptable and the autoloader is lovely. Ironically the gun would be better if the shell was even slower (similar to a recoilless rifle shell) so you could shoot while being in near full cover.
There’s not much you can do about it’s abysmal armor so stay out of sight and use the second reverse gear or die.
HJ73 is a real special missile, absolute garbage for sure but it being unable to fly straight also gives you some unique opportunities.

The regular HJ73E experience:

What the missile can do in some situations:

It’s also not impossible to use at a short range, if you aim down it will go almost straight

Thanks man!

we should urge gaijin to repair it
The ZBD86 with late modification should have higher turret speed // // Issues


If you play Sweden, you might want to try the Pbv 501. It’s a BMP-1 without the missile (which is of fairly limited use anyway) but at 6.7. It’s a whole BR lower than the regular BMP-1 and over a ton lighter (11.9t vs 13t), so its mobility feels much better, and the penetration of the gun is more than adequate for the rank. If the rumours that Sweden is getting a Tiger II proves true, that would make for a pretty interesting 6.7 lineup.

Cool! I am currently at 4.0 for sweden. Looking forward for it.

That would at least help a little.

Also, I found that HJ73E cannot be used in the protection analysis interface
Lack of HJ73E in protection analysis // // Issues

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Doesn’t seem to hard when it one shots my WW2 Era heavy tank with a missile from across the map.

I use the BMPs every once in a while and they aren’t that hard to use

Not hard for you, but it is hard to use for me. That is the reason I am asking for some advice on how to preform well in it. You got any tips since you dont find it hard?

Don’t get into CQC with it, it isn’t good for that. The missile is very good, snipe with it. The HEAT cannon is ok, just had bad velocity, rangefind and eventually you’ll get used to how it handles

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Bmp 1 is ok, but zbd 86 with a 150 m/s missile can barely do anything. The 9m113 konkrus does only have 400 pen but that is enough for tanks at 8.0-9.0.