Bmp-1a1 zu-23

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BMP-1A1 ZU-23

Intro Picture

Let’s start by saying, welcome to the Greek BMP-1A1 ZU-23 suggestion, a Greek modification for the existing BMP-1s in service.
To start it all off I would like to begin with armaments;
Main gun: 23mm turret ZU-23-2
Machine gun: None
Elevation/Depression: -10 & +90
Smoke launchers: None
Ammunition storage: Unknown
Engine: UTD-20 diesel engine with 6 cylinders with a total of 300 horsepowers
Top speed: 60 km/h
Reverse speed: 12 km/h

Back in the year of 1991 Greece put in an order for over 500 BMP-1s from the former East German state, which started being delivered in 1992-1994, they were also slightly upgraded with smoke launchers from the Marder IFVs for example some also were upgraded (or downgraded if you will) with a 12.7mm M2HBs put into them replacing the Malyutka ATGM launcher, new lamps and so on.

In later years the Hellenic MoD wanted to refit the armoured BMP fleet with some sort of modernization but due to problems both internally and financially that wasn’t possible however in 2014 some type of modernization started which was essentially to remove the 73mm turret of the BMP-1 and slap on of the hundreds of ZU-23-2 turrets the armed forces had laying around thus starting the initial trials of the new upgrade.

The gun was integrated as an open turret having the sideshields as seen in the pictures on the side for protection in the front, the gun would also provide a substantial boost in the ability to provide fire support on the battlefield making it more effective against infantry but also against soft targets such as lightly armoured vehicles, low flying targets like helicopters and last but not least fast attack boats and/or landing crafts.

Said modernizations were handled by the 308th Depot of the Hellenic Army situated on Chios and were also conducted under the 96th National Guard Command, the vehicles were reported to have been passing their trials.
In 2017 more media in Greece had published pictures of the vehicle shooting and being in some sort of training action.


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Once more, we need more Hellenic representation in the game! This is an awesome place to start

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