BMP-1 HE ammo historical innacuracy

So, orginally BMP-1 had only the HEAT ammunition, and only in the 1974 it got the HE ammo, the thing is the HE ammo was unable to be loaded by the autoloader (not that it matters, as by the time it got intro service most bmp crews removed the autolader as it often jammed or caused injuries). Meaning that in game the HE ammo shoud either only be avalible after getting the BMP-1P modification, or shoud take longer time to reload than the HEAT ammo (if used witchout the BMP-1P mod, if its applied then the reload speed is the same). Note that the carusel ammo conveyor was used for both ammo, with and witchout the autoloader.

TL;DR: bmp1 he ammo shoud be only for the 1P mod

Make a historical report about it.

Also, if your main round is HEAT why would you use HE? Seems a little redundant to me. But I may just be mental

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in game there’s no point, but IRL HE-FRAG is a lot more useful vs infantry than HEAT

HE tends to do the overpressure thing better than HEAT.

Well yes you’re right, but I was talking about in game