Bmp-1 at the new br (8.0)

please help, its really really hard to fight up tiers and given the speed of this thing, and the small maps and large maps without cover, it feels like this is the worst vehicle ever (which i know it isn’t)

i’m either trying to flank and die because my gun is super wobbly, or i die trying to kill tanks that are impervies to the heatfs rounds, i sometimes am able to sneak behind the enemy’s push (towards a cap) but i just die after that, i dont understand the role of this thing

I’ve tried staying in cover, these days I play too passive though, even though i’m trying to scout others

idk what made it go up to 8.0, there’s no proper justification cause there are tanks under 8.0 that get ATGMS and I find that you don’t wanna use those 80% of the time, but rather your primary gun, which is the same as the pbz501, this may just be a case of the tank being bad or I’m being too hasty or passive or not having enough map knowledge at 8.0, but it’s really frustrating

Well that’s unfortunately the case with many other vehicles. In light tanks this is less of an issue though, so be thankful you aren’t in a super heavy tank.

Well what caused you to die? Was it because you couldn’t hit your shots in time or did you try to shoot on the move? There’s a multitude of things that could go wrong so it would be best if you could provide a gameplay capture so we can see what you did wrong and how you could improve.

While its nice to scout, you can also use the ATGM launcher from cover by assigning a key to “Select special weapon or ATGM”. This allows you to control the ATGM launcher directly instead of using the camera attached to the gunner. While it isn’t impervious, you should be a lot safer this way.

Well I’d say its quite justified for it to be 8.0 considering that you get a potent cannon and ATGM launcher in a mobile chassis. Compared to something like a marder, I’d say that you are much better off. It’s a bit harder to utilize the weaponry to its fullest potential that’s all.

oh hell nah i’ve played the is3 before and its worse than carrying a boulder on your back and stepping on nails in a pool of molten glass

yeah usually i do get the flank (ie: they’re not looking at me) but my gun wobbles so much, and if i do get the shot off, it doesn’t kill them because what i can only assume is volumetric (it doesn’t penetrate their armour but detonates prematurely on like the tracks), otherwise i get flanked by another light vehicle and is much faster than me or i miss a sightline and get sniped

I’ve tried to wait but it’s gotten me super passive, like running about in the backlines and waiting for my team to push up so the camping enemies shoot them first and i can scout them, some flanking routes are just covered by eyes too

oh funny that, actually i have the bind assigned but it’s not working anymore? i have no idea why

Well gun wobbling is due to the tank moving around. If you stop you can aim for a clean shot.

While volumetric does cause screw ups sometimes, this is likely skill issue and not volumetric armor. I suggest checking out the enemy vehicles you most commonly come across to see their weak spots.

When looking for weak spots try to find:

  • location of ammunition and first stage ready racks
  • location of gunner and commander and if the tank has commander gunner control
  • amount of armor in those locations and if you can readily penetrate it at closer/longer ranges

Generally aiming for these should grant you either an instant kill, or a disabled enemy which cannot respond until you hit them with a second round.

While playing passive can have its merits, I personally find it boring and unfun to play against/with. Instead I suggest that you try to learn routes where you can reach the action (or preferably a spot with a great view of said action) without exposing yourself too much. Keep in mind the survivability onion when deciding engagements and you should be fine.

Oh yeah, my bad. I am unsure if its a bug but the ATGM of the BMP-1 cannot be controlled. (EDIT: this is probably a bug as the 9M113 on the BMP-2 can still be controlled.) This isn’t the case with other vehicles like the marder though. It is quite situational when this control comes in handy though.

Again, If you have a gameplay clip/capture of any of this happening I can give much better advice on what to do.

I dont have the BMP1…but some vehicles are “supposed” to be used without being hit as they have no armor.
If you have reasonable ATGMS (like M901 and BMP2, that i do have) then your job is probably to find a good spot and use missilies to get kills. The gun is probably for light targets…like other BMPs :) (or similar) and SPAAs. For Tanks you need ATGMs…