BMP 1/2 Comparison

Hello! I think that the BMP-1 is better than BMP-2 because it have 73mm cannon with a 300mm penetration and good reload speed, instead of BMP-2’s useless 30mm autocannon. They both have a same speed and don’t have an armor. Also they have a 9M113 ATGM with a 500mm penetration. But their difference in BR is just cosmic - 1.0! Am I right?

Not really.

They really are different, the BMP-1 has more possibilities to combat medium and heavy vehicles although with the low speed of the projectile you have to aim well. The BMP-2 has an easier time against light vehicles thanks to its stabilizer, and with the best ammunition With 30mm you can penetrate many medium attacks from the sides.

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BMP-2 pros

Decent anti-air capabilities
More effective at flanking

Nope, because it get APDS, maybe APFSDS, I don’t remember, but it can kill really well, and just flash bangs everything it shoots at. It also gets a stabilizer, and decent mobility, if you don’t use the 2D package.

One time I got drowned thinking I could swim with those.

You can, you just have to W key.

I’d prefer 2A42 than 2A28,

  • You have a high fire rate;
  • Can engage ground as well air targers;
  • You don’t have to rely on using ATGM in a situation that you need desperately another shot in the target;
  • And in a few times the HEAT from 2A28 do almost no damage. (reinforce the third point mentioned)

But at it’s BR, BMP-1 is pretty fun I must say, not my favorite vehicle but it’s decent at its own way.

You should fix your title. You wrote half instead of 1/2

Both are really good, however BMP-2 is simply has more freedom due to better turret rotation, not having to reload and being able to maul down enemies in flanks in seconds (if you’re lucky to have 30MM actually damage ofc), and a stabiliser which greatly improves reaction time.
Although with how good BMP-2 might seem the only version of it I wish to be added is the BMP-2M (different BMP-2M) with the focus being put upon anti tank capabilities.
And for BMP-1 I wish for BMP-1AM and that one prototype of BMP with a longer 73MM gun for improved ballistics and a stabiliser.

speaking of BMP 2. it’s ATGM launcher is so Fcking Weird bro. you cant tell if it’s aiming right at your crosshair or it’s somewhere in narnia

That is one thing that I don’t quite understand, because gaijin has done that disaster to the ATGMs that when launching the missile it goes to the ground, when in every video that is seen of the ATGMs, they come out of the tube practically in line straight without falling downwards, apart from something the missile tube is slightly upwards, to compensate for that small fall.