BMD - Squadron for players what want just unlock Squadron vehicles, without any squadron duties

I offer membership in international squadron BMD (Big Machines of Doom). Squadron was created primary for players, what are not interest about other squadron activities (like "you must play squadron battles, you must be active on Discord etc.) and just want to unlock squadron vehicles.

Squadron actually gets maximum of points - 20 000.

Anybody can be member, I don’t care if you are age 16 or 60, level 8 or 90, if you play AB, RB or SIM or if you play just with ships, (or just planes or tanks)…

Only one rule is some activity (squadron research points are count from players activity). Long term 0 activity = kick, but you can join again later, if you start play game again and if there is a free space. And don’t be dummy - I don’t want to get messages like “player from your squad insulted all in chat whole battle” or “he killed on purpose 2 teammates” etc…

So if you want to join, just send request in game. If there is not open recruiting and squadron is full, you can try send me message (there on forum) and maybe I can find some space for you instead of any long inactive player.