BMD-2M: Reconditioning the VDV

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170px-Great_emblem_of_the_Russian_Airbor BMD-2M: Reconditioning the VDV


The BMD-2M on display.

  • Basic Description :
    • The original BMD-2 was developed in the early 1980’s by the Volgograd Tractor Plant in response to the Soviet-Afghan War that began in 1979. During the War, the Soviet Airborne Forces were equipped with the BMD-1, which was limited in its fire support capabilities due to the limitations of the 73mm 2A28 Grom low-pressure gun. To correct the shortcomings, plans were to incorporate the newly developed 30mm 2A42 Autocannon to the BMD-1’s B-30 turret, as well as adding the 9P135M ATGM launcher mount which replaced the 9S428 ATGM launcher, creating the new BMD-2. The BMD-2 features two 7.62mm PKB machine gun mounts on port and starboard sides, however the port machine gun was later replaced to include more communication equipment for the Commander. Besides the armament, the hull is lightly armored, kept light to maintaining the requirements for the airborne forces to be transportable via the An-12, An-22, Il-76, An-124 transport planes, as well as by Mi-6 and Mi-26 helicopters. The BMD-2 is equipped with a 5D20 15.9L 4-stroke V6 Diesel Engine capable of producing 240hp which powered critical equipment as well as is coupled to a 4-to-1 manual transmission, capable of reaching speeds of 60km/h. The BMD-2 has served the Soviet Airborne Forces, or Vozdushno-desantnye voyska SSSR (VDV) as well as the Russia Airborne Forces, or Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii (VDV), with at least ~1,000 in service, the Ukrainian military (both Army and Air Assault Forces), and the Uzbek military.
    • In the 2000’s a modernization plan began upgrade the BMD-2 to meet modern requirements. This new model became known as the BMD-2M. The BMD-2M remains relatively unchanged from its base version, the BMD-2. Featuring the same powerpack, armor, and crew layout of its predecessor as well as being air transportable. Parts of the modernization was the introduction of the Bereg, or ‘Coast’ Combat Module which provided a serious increase in firepower through a newly built 2A42 30mm autocannon, which is capable of firing multiple types of ammunition including the new 3UBR11 APFSDS-T, capable of punching through modular armor of light vehicles. Not only this, the Bereg module comes equipped with a dual Kornet-EM, or Kornet-E ATGM launcher, capable of firing the 9M113M Kornet which can knock out heavy armored targets and low flying helicopters alike. An AG-30M 30mm automatic grenade launcher can be incorporated on the turret. The Bereg module is equipped with a new fire control system utilizing the Sodema Thermal Imager which allows for effective night operations and proper ranging through its integrated laser rangefinder. Due to limitations of the chassis, the vehicle was unable to incorporate an independent Commander sight integrated into the fire control system. This prevent the BMD-2M from having the hunter-killer capability found on modern infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). Other equipment installed is a new R168-25UE-2 Frequency-hopping encrypted radio for the Commander which allows for secure communications as well as enhanced battlefield situational awareness. The BMD-2M made its debut in 2010 and was featured in subsequent ARMY exhibitions and military parades. Originally the upgrade process was due to begin in the early-2010’s, however due to funding and the introduction of the BMD-4M this was postponed. In 2021, the plan to upgrade the BMD-2M was reintroduced with a plan to upgrade up to 600 units. At least 60 are believed to be delivered to the Russian VDV. It is unknown if the BMD-2M has been deployed in combat.
    • Special thanks to @de Radio Demon@live for their BMD-2 suggestion!
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • Origin/Manufacturer:
      • Russia - Volgograd Tractor Plant
    • Weapon System :
      • Bereg Combat Module:
        • Primary: 2A42 30mm Autocannon
          • Cartridge: 30x165
          • Ammunition:
            • 3UBR11 APFSDS-T
            • 3UBR8 APDS-T
            • 3UBR6 AP-T
            • 3UOR6 HEF-I
            • 3UOF8 F-T
          • Stabilizer:
            • 2E36-6 Stabilizer
          • Feed System:
            • Dual-belt Fed
        • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun
        • Bow-mounted: PKB 7.62mm Machine Gun
        • Optionally mounted: 30mm AG-30M Automatic Grenade Launcher
        • Tertiary:
          • 2x Kornet-EM Missile Launchers (2x missiles ready to fire, 2x stored):
            • Missile(s):
              • 9M133M-2
                • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
                • Penetration: 1,100-1,300mm of RHA behind ERA
                • Diameter: 152mm
                • Weight: 31kg
                • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
                • Range: out to 8km
                • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
                • Speed:
                  • Max: 300m/s
              • 9M133FM-2
                • Warhead: Thermobaric
                • Penetration: N/A
                • Diameter: 152mm
                • Weight: 31kg
                • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
                • Range: out to 8km
                • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
                • Speed:
                  • Max: 300m/s
              • 9M133FM-3
                • Warhead: HE-FRAG
                • Penetration: N/A
                • Diameter: 152mm
                • Weight: 33kg
                • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
                • Range: out to 10km
                • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
                • Speed:
                  • Max: 300m/s
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 5.91m
      • Width: 2.63m
      • Height: 1.97m
      • Weight: ~11.5t
    • Mobility :
      • Max Speed: 60km/h (9-10km/h afloat)
      • Transmission: Manual (4-Forward, 1-Reverse)
      • Suspension: Hydropneumatic
        • Variable Height:
          • Ground Clearance: 100-450mm
      • Engine: 240hp - 5D20 15.9L 4-stroke V6 Diesel Engine
    • Crew:
      • Commander
      • Gunner
      • Driver
      • 4x Additional Personnel
    • Additional Features:
      • 4x 902V 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
      • Laser Rangefinder
      • Amphibious
      • F-125 IR Searchlight
      • Aluminum Armor:
        • 15 mm at 78° upper hull front.
        • 15 mm at 50° lower hull front.
        • 10 mm hull sides and rear.
      • Optics:
        • Gunner:
          • Sodema Multi-channel Gunner’s Sight
            • 3rd-generation Thermal Imager
          • Auxiliary PZU-8 Anti-aircraft Sight
        • Commander:
          • Rotatable MK-4S Day Periscope
        • Driver:
          • 2x TNPO-160A Day Periscopes
          • TVNE-1
            • Night Vision Periscope
  • In-game :
    • The BMD-2M is a powerful, highly mobile light vehicle capable of targeting light and heavy armor alike thanks to its powerful autocannon and Kornet ATGM’s. Not only this, it is capable of knocking out low flying helicopters due to its variety of missiles. Another featrure is the variable suspension, allowing the BMD-2M to lower its profile, capable of taking hull-down to the next level. The BMD-2M however, is lightly armored and is vulnerable of being knocked out my heavy machine gun fire. The BMD-2M should be used to capture points, scout targets, and flank groups of targets.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.0.
  • Sources:






Different views of the BMD-2M on display.


BMD-2M’s during a military parade.


Closeup of the dual Kornet launcher.




Characteristics of the Bereg Combat Module.


30mm 2A42 Autocannon used on the BMD-2M.


7.62mm PKTM Coaxial Machine gun.


7.62mm PKB Machine Gun mounted on the front-starboard side of the vehicle.


9М133М-2 Tandem-HEAT missile.


9М133FМ-2 Thermobaric missile.


9М133FМ-3 Thermobaric missile.


The Driver’s Station with two TNPO-160A day periscopes as well as a central IR periscope.


F-125 IR headlight mounted on the front, starboard side of the vehicle



Hydropneumatic variable suspension lowered and raised.


The 5D20 15.9L 4-stroke V6 Diesel Engine producing 240hp.



The Driver-Mechanic station inside the BMD-2 and BMD-2M.


R168-25UE-2 Frequency-hopping encrypted radio utilized by the Commander.



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A better bmp2m y not? +1

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I feel this would be a good vehicle for a upcoming event since Russia already has a few vehicles that play the same role from 8.0-11.0

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We already have event BMD we need first TT BMD

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