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TL;DR: A BM-24 MLRS mounted on the back of an AT-S artillery tractor.



The MLRS started seeing extensive use during WW2, especially so by the Soviet Union, however, a weapon can only be developed so much during wartime as time and money are always in short supply. As soon as the war ended and the Soviet Union got its military production resituated, it began to look into improving and replacing its old wartime MLRS models. One of said models to be replaced was the heavy 300mm BM-31. Its replacement would be accepted into service in 1951 in the form of the BM-24, which, like the BM-31, would commonly be based on the ZiS-151 (ZiS would later be changed to ZiL) but fire 240mm rockets instead. Just as soon as this new MLRS was accepted into service, ways to improve it were already being looked into. One of these developments involved mounting the launcher on a tracked chassis, which would allow for it to be used in areas with rougher terrain. The basis for this new tracked MLRS would be the AT-S, a newly developed artillery tractor. Two prototypes were soon constructed, one with a cabin and one without. The cabin prototype was preferred, likely due increased crew protection as well as concerns that the launcher firing may damage components in the crew compartment. The BM-24 launcher would also be modified to have enclosed guides as opposed to the skeleton guides present on the wheeled models. This resulted in a tighter spread that was also curiously offset to the right. The vehicle would pass trials and enter service in 1956 as the BM-24T.

Place In-Game:

Direct-fire capable MLRSs are a staple when it comes to War Thunder derp-vehicles. Their high-risk high-reward playstyles attract many players looking for a break from the monotony of the grind. Since every nation has access to at least one of these vehicles, every nation should get one, or in the USSR’s case, a few. The USSR has countless examples to choose from ranging from iconic to stupid. The BM-24T leans more toward the stupid end of the spectrum. It’s not quick but it is tracked and its rockets deal one hell of a punch, almost ensuring that what ever you hit dies in one shot. That being said, you only have 12 of them, so getting in close to make them count would be very important. Like the other in-game MLRS vehicles, the BM-24T should be implemented as a premium vehicle, however, it could also work as an event of battlepass vehicle.


Armament: 240mm BM-24 MLRS (12 rockets)

Dimensions: 5.87m, 2.57m, 2.53m (L,W,H)

Weight: 12000~kg

Armor: Effectively none

Crew: 4

Ammunition: HE (M-24F with a 60.8kg warhead and 16.2kg of propellant and M-24FUD with a 46.5kg warhead and 23.9kg of propellant)

Speed: 35kph

Horsepower: 275hp


Side View:


During A Parade:





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