BM-21 Comes to war thunder?

Should we see the BM-21 grad come to the game? I think it would be a great addition to many tech trees that lack wheeled vehicles and MLRS vehicles. It would be in Russia, China, Sweden(Finland), Germany(east German PVLA), and Italy(Hungaria). Any other thoughts? If it is added (which is very unlikely) I hope for it to not become another premium under gaijins belt.

Shouldn’t be to hard since there’s a BM-21 MLRS in game although only on a Project 183, But one being added to a truck or tank chassis would be fun & hilarious (could come as an event, BP, TT or premium).

I’m glad someone else likes this idea, it’s probably on the vehicle suggestion page by this point where you can go vote for it! Also for the Chinese tree they could add the Type-89 MLRS as a BP or Premium which is the tank mounted version of the Type-81.