BM-11 - A North Korean Sold To Egypt And Captured By Israel

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TL;DR: A North Korean copy of the BM-21 sold to Egypt and later captured by Israel.



The MLRS started seeing extensive use during WW2, especially so by the Soviet Union, however, a weapon can only be developed so much during wartime as time and money are always in short supply. As soon as the war ended and the Soviet Union got its military production resituated, it began to look into improving and replacing its old wartime MLRS models and then models to replace or complement those models. Several development projects would begin, with one of the later ones beginning in 1960. This development would result in the BM-21 Grad. This MLRS would be accepted into service in 1963 and then quickly became the world’s most numerous and widely exported MLRS, with other 11000 examples of it and its variants being produced, serving in over 50 different countries. One of these countries was North Korea, which quickly copied the design and made their own version called the BM-11, which featured 30 rockets instead of 40, as seen on the BM-21, and was commonly carried by a copy of the Japanese Isuzu HTW 11 truck. Noticing the demand for BM-21s and BM-21-like vehicles, North Korea quickly began to export their copy, largely to Middle Eastern nations, one of which was Egypt. When 1982 rolled around, Egypt found itself at war with Israel again. In the first week of the war, Israel had managed to capture a total of 14 BM-11s. In the second half of July, 1982, these BM-11 were pushed into IDF service under the new 9618th division. This unit would participate in the siege of West Beirut, which they would capture stocks of 122mm rockets. After these new stocks were depleted, BM-11s as well as other 122mm rocket artillery exited service for the rest of the conflict, with the 9618th disbanding as well having only existed for 6 weeks.

Place In-Game:

Direct-fire capable MLRSs are a staple when it comes to War Thunder derp-vehicles. Their high-risk high-reward playstyles attract many players looking for a break from the monotony of the grind. Since every nation has access to at least one of these vehicles, every nation should get one. The BM-11 is one such vehicle for Israel. It has a very interesting history despite its only 6 week service time. Playstyle would be very cautious while yet aggressive at the same time. Sticking to roads would be the best course of action as it would allow you to make full use of your mobility. 30 rockets isn’t a lot, so choosing your shots carefully or getting in close to make them count is recommended. Like the other in-game MLRS vehicles, the BM-11 should be implemented as a premium vehicle, however, it could also work as an event of battlepass vehicle.


Armament: 122mm BM-11 MLRS (30 rockets)

Dimensions: 6.83m, 2.38m, 3.00m (L,W,H)

Weight: 13000~kg

Armor: None

Crew: 3

Ammunition: HE and Smoke

Speed: 75kph

Horsepower: 120hp


Being Serviced:


Front View:




Rear View:



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Would 150% grind for this

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I’d love to see this, dispite not having the Israel tech tree, I’m looking to bring this system to ground forces for many trees as well, specifically USSR, East Germany, Great Britian, China, Hungary, and Finland!

Israel is in game, what are you on about XD

I meant like I specifically have not obtained the tech tree, but would love to see the system come to the game for other nations I play.

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I think the other tech trees would use the standard USSR BM-21 grad, they are way more common than the BM-11

Yeah, but it’s the same basic system and the BM-21 grad is technically already in the game, but yes, that’s what I meant by that.

We need this Katyusha from Temu

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I need and want more MLRS vehicles. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN

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+1 saw service in IDF, add as an Israel premium. No MLRS is TT.

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We should get them as optional TT.