Blown up by Rifle_Infantry

It appears that there is a bug that sometimes causes your airplane to suddenly blow up when hit by ground targets in air battles. Steam Community :: Screenshot :: This only happens to me.

Just now, I was getting some ground kills in my Nimrod Mk I when I got hit and blows up by a single rifle round fired from an infantry (which you can’t even kill because they are just groups that teleport and can’t be hit). The funny thing is that this isn’t the first or second time this has happened to me. A few weeks ago my Po-2 also got instantly blow up by an armored car on Mozdok: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: It appears that armored cars have 88mm guns with HE shells.

And a few years back, the exact same happened to me but then with my SB-2M.
Now obviously if this was intended then it would happen more often when hit by enemy players with LMG’s than with ground targets.

Anyone else got this? Ground forces should be able to fight back (and not programmed to miss like most AAA) but one bullet just blowing up your aircraft is unrealistic and insane.

Oh yes, can’t kill, no you can and I’ve done it, if their teleporting it means you hit them it just won’t reward you anything not that it should since their pretty difficult to even spot at all.

I’m talking about just groups of them that are supposed to run after the tanks like they did in the past until they broke and started standing still and teleporting after them. Shooting at them does nothing because they don’t lie down like they normally do. They appear to have no hitbox, it might not be like that on every map with infantry. But that is besides the point, I’m just wondering why they have the capability to blow your plane in pieces with their small arms.

I wonder,
image Not hard to image the AI’s firing rifle rounds, however, if your strafing infantry and getting shot down honestly I’d consider it an achievement cause 1its incredibly rare but also 2 the AI is archaic as heck.

Yeah maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, cause it’s happend 3 times to me in the same way exept the other times it was an armored car. But that was also from a single rifle-caliber round.
I wasn’t strafing the infantry by the way, just armored cars and AAA trucks.

My problem is that it isn’t funny anymore, it’s clearly a bug and I hope this gets noticed and fixed.

If you are being hit by AAA Trucks that’s no bug. That’s been a thing for years, it was tougher back then though. Same as infantry firing.

You seem to be an expert at missing the point. Also AAA trucks are programmed to miss unlike a few years ago when they were still a threat.

So is infantry. The fact you got shot down is incredibly rare. Since normally its potshots but no serious damage.

There are parameter sliders in the WT game server settings at Gaijin HQ. When the on-call sysadmin or dev is bored and annoyed at the players, they crank up the mid-field AAA effectiveness for a while just to they can read the whining in the chat.