.blk hotloading

I am prototyping the MICA IR rn, and one or two updates ago i was able to press restart in the custom mission and the game would hotload/reload the .blk file.
Since i dont know how long the game doesnt do that anymore?

Would like some advice or help :)

could you share the file?

MICA_IR.blk (7.8 KB)
The values will not match with any real data, since i started playing around with the values to find out more exactly what works how but i have the real values and im starting to understand the structure and workings of gaijins missile interpretation.

Well these values, assuming they are partially changed, seem to be a bit erroneous.
For the issue you have described above, you might have to design a custom mission to test the missile.
And as a suggestion.
For a template for the MICA IR, use the blk file from the R-27ET
If you need help deciphering the places where values from the irl MICA go, im happy to help too

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Its still the same, i made a custom mission.
I cant even reload/restart the mission anymore.

And the loading of the blk file doesnt work either

f it, imma start from scratch.