Blew up barrel in Test Range

Was testing out the auto-loader updates with an Lorraine 40t and while shooting in between ready rack loads my barrel blew.

Has anyone experienced this? Looks like a bug from the update.

That’s an impressive skill issue.

Were you able to replicate it?

No, i havent played much with it. Situation was aiming at the Tiger II fired and was like wtf where did my round go, changed out of the gunner view and barrel was gone.

Hit by your own ricochet? How close were you?

I thought that was a possibility but can’t load a replay of the test range. The screenshot is where I was firing from but never saw the shell leave the barrel nor hit the Tiger, also no shot feedback. It’s like those times when your barrel is orange or whatever and when you fire it blows up, except my barrel was damaged beforehand.