Blackburn B-88: Portly-looking Sub-hunter (part ii)

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Introduction: The B-88 is a continuation of the work done on the B-54 and a direct improvement over it, thus improving performance. The aircraft is certainly an oddity.

Description: On the 19th of July, 1950, the B.88, alternatively referred to as the YB.1, took to the air. After initial trials, the wingspan was increased which required the outward-folding hinges not to foul themselves when being folded inwards. The B.88 featured improved performance over the B.54, with its Double Mamba giving better speed at altitude, and greater efficiency since the Double Mamba is effectively two Mambas connected to each other through a common gearbox, half the engine could be shut down in mid-flight, allowing for more patrol time. One notable feature is its conventional wing folding system, something which its competitor, the Gannet, didn’t have. The Fairey Gannet won the competition, and would go on to serve the Royal Navy for over two-decades, as well as being exported to Australia, Germany and Indonesia. Meanwhile, the B.88 would go on to serve other programs, along the B.54s. By 1957, all had been cut up for scrap.

Performance and Armament:

Specifications: B.88
Powerplant: 1x Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 100 turboprop rated at 2,950 hp
Span: 44 ft 2 in
Maximum Weight: 13,091 lb (without weapons)
Capacity: Three Crew (Pilot, Two Observers)
Armament: Mines, Depth Charges, Torpedoes
Maximum Speed: 320 mph at 10,000ft
Endurance/Range: Stated to exceed 3 hours


Conclusion: I am of the opinion that the game is in need of more early turboprop aircraft, and this aircraft is certainly an interesting contender. The aircraft will definitely offer a new playstyle, with a pretty decent armament.


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