Black Prince


There is a serious matter to adress in my opinion.

The Black Prince is painfully slow, i mean, its nearly unplayable.

I would really like this vehicle and would like to see it get a motor upgrade or a top speed/reverse speed increase because at its current stage its just funny how slow it is.

It is even at a near stand still in a straight line on flat asphalt.

And if you get a sand map…yeee you might aswell just J-out or just snipe from spawn because you are not going anywhere.

Really annoying.

Correction: * I really like this vehicle and would like to see it get a motor upgrade or a top speed/reverse speed increase because at its current stage its just funny how slow it is.

Not all vehicles perform at their best on all maps. Part of learning the game is knowing when to use certain vehicle’s and when to not use them.

The Black Prince has exceptional armor and a powerful gun, however, it’s extremely slow. As such, you won’t be doing much moving across the map. The easiest way to fix this issue is to play more defensively and rely on people coming to you. When they do, you can take advantage of your exceptional penetration and armor performance.

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As it stands it is modelled accurately, plus it’s just a heavier Churchill with the standard engine which explains the slow speed.
I enjoy it as is, you just need to plan your engagements right.

yea thats kind of what you get with the UK vehicles at that br range, treat them like moving bunkers/pillboxes, plus at least in the black prince’s case, its BR makes it insanely tanky now more than ever. you really just want to stay at range from the enemy and hammer away at them with APDS rounds, its an extremely lethal sniper rifle of a tank.

as for the rest of it…yea you are’nt going to see a speed increase unless someone can pull documents out of their butt stating faster agility and ALSO convince whatever employee that reads the suggestion to agree with them and get it implemented.

like i said, its basically a moving bunker, you just have to accept that and give it the maus treatment.

supposedly there was a version with the RR meteor but no one can find any info on it (probably never existed cause the hull would need extensive modifications) BUT if you can find it raise a ticket and give the dev’s the info. The Black Prince is amazing just take the cent mk1 on big maps


people cant find any info on it because the concept would have meant redisigning the tanks lower internals so much that it would essentially devolve into ship of Theseus territory and be more efficient to just design a new tank.

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i really like it , and thats why it hurts so much that it is so slow, i know that i have to play it according to its speed and movement, but sometimes you just rage i guess

trust me i love it as well, ironically i just made a bug report and a suggestion for it, regarding the hull gunner and hull machinegun not working, and the ammo stowage sections being completely illogical and backwards, respectively.

yee well… i guess i just have to bear with it then, maybe i am to used to 9.0+ tanks , the speed and such, it can be called “spoiled” aswell hahaha , well i have to play it more to learn i guess, the original post was mostly a rage post i guess…yesterday i were not happy when i played it and did not give it a fair chance…i have had it for a long time now and guess i never learnt how to play it correctly.

if you want a trainer tank try out the archer or the first churchill to feature a long main gun, its really useful for getting into superheavies like the black prince, its a mobile sniper rifle on treads but its not gonna get anywhere fast so take your time and hold lanes down when you can.

I had no issue going into the BP just because superheavies and TD’s are my thing but i realize now that if you dont have that kind of prior experiance i can certainly see it being EXTREMELY frustrating to deal with the lack of mobility.
that being said, APDS rounds on that thing are nuts, but you need game knowledge to make it work.

now this may come off as ironic given how many of my new topic suggestions “mysteriously” vanish before getting posted to the forums, but yea gaijin isnt going respond to rageposts and genuinely your better off just not posting them here in general, it causes clogging and pushes down potentially good suggestions, Im sure your smart and realize this however so all thats more of a “just incase”. good hunting, and if you need additional help with the black prince i have a lot of experience with it and other heavy+ tanks, and your free to pm me on here or find a way to contact me.

thank you!

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I opened a issue report to change the Black Prince gearbox to it’s correct five-speed gearbox.
After correcting the number of gears and also correcting the gears, the following changes should be done.

A43 Black Prince number of forward gears: 4 → 5

A43 Black Prince forward top speed: 17.2km/h → 18km/h

A43 Black Prince number of reverse gears: 1 → 2

A43 Black Prince reverse top speed: 2.2km/h → 6.6km/h

While it’s not a big change to the forward speed, the reverse speed should be usable.


Good job!
Let’s count years until they fix it… :)

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didnt even know about this issue, thanks!

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The Black Prince has always been mediocre on most maps because of its speed. I recommend you play the other vehicles Britain has to offer. The 17lber shermans, comet, and challenger are all much better vehicles for their BRs in my opinion.

Did you unironically recommend the archer? XD I strongly disagree. It’s easily a contender for the worst tank in War Thunder.

Nuh uh Archer epiq best tonk
FR tho, if u get it into a position in time you’re smacking everything, EVERYTHING

Good luck getting it into position though XD

OP made it clear they wanted to play the black prince, and so suggesting to just go play other vehicles and not bother with it is kind of counter-intuitive.

Some maps can be terrible for the black prince in terms of just leaving spawn but in my experience well…experience trumps, even in those cases. its not a light tank and its not trying to be, so you cant go into it getting mad that your not getting 3/4ths of the way down the map to a flanking spot in the first 30 seconds of the match. positioning is less key with this vehicle than most because simply put the thing itself is a position, like the maus.

Yes, actually, i think its a perfectly valid vehicle to train with, its really not as bad as people make it out to be, i’ve experienced far worse tanks WITH turrets, heres looking at you Chi-ha w/type 93 APHE and 21mm pen max. the acher has the same gun minus the APDS rounds, the reverse speed is comparable to the black prince’s and even though its forward speed is nearly double that you will more often than not lumber short distances if you need to readjust your firing angle when your dug in, so i feel its completely adequate to the experiance…not to mention that thing’s armor is suprisingly effective at distances you would fight enemies in the black prince at. Oh and one last thing, the archer has a pretty decent hull turning speed and so getting it into position really isn’t a pain, you just have to be not dumb and needlessly expose yourself when moving long distance.

anyways, yea any QF 17lb will do but i think the archer really fits the closest bill if you want more of an accurate experiance to the overall mindset, otherwise for more specific training, train the gun on the challenger and the chassis driving on the Churchill Mk VII.