Bl players have it too easy

Either put it higher in BR (7.3 as an absolute minimum) or introduce planes in other tech trees which can counter it. That thing is beyond OP at 6.7, it dictates the terms of a fight no matter what (even more at 5.7) and you can’t even use speed to compress it as it only compresses when it’s about to fall apart from overspeed.

The players using it know how overpowered it is and sometimes even laugh in chat at how easy they get kills. Besides that I’ve never seen a Bl play a game against other jets, every time i met one at 7.0 or above the player bailed out of the game.
Why isn’t there a thing to counter it at 6.7 ? Everything it faces at it’s BR and below is slower both in flight speed and climbing ability.
How little fuel it gets doesn’t matter as it can extend it far beyond 5 min and it gets to the battlefield in less than half that time often above whatever prop fighters happen to be around in that match
The 2x20mm cannons shread other planes and despite the turn time on the stat car being 23s it turns faster than this.
At full throttle it can go beyond the max speed of the prop it’s fighting whenever it feels like
For the love of god it has more than double the climb rate of most jets at 8.0 and even exceeeds the 9.0 jets in some cases.

So in short:
-It reaches it’s max speed extremely fast
-It can reach 4000m in less than 5 min from the airfield
-It’s faster than most if not all planes at it’s br and below
-It doesn’t compress unless you reach the speed of “wings go snap”
-Gets 2 very good guns

  • Gets about 1:40 min of fuel
  • You have 90 rounds of ammo

I don’t get how it’s at the same BR as the much worse YAK-15/17. If anything it should get the same treatement as the Me163. Hell it can OUTCLIMB the 163 if it feels like it


Yep. I already made a post about this thing where I explained all of this. Didn’t stop people from disagreeing and making ridiculously inaccurate claims about its performance or the performance of the props it faces. It’s basically a pay-to-win aircraft, it’s massively OP at 6.7 and the only thing stopping it from destroying the game is that not enough people are flying it out.

I’m very supportive of the former solution, violently opposed to the latter one. More broken sci-fi rocket planes at 6.7 will just make things even worse for props in the 5.7-6.7 range.

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If memory serves, at low throttle it has a delta V which is a significant fraction of the speed of light (IE, absolutely absurd efficiency at low throttle)


Another plane at 6.7, the SK-60B, has two 30mm ADEN cannons with 150 rounds per cannon. It climbs pretty decently, and I believe out-turns the BI-1 if I remember correctly. The BI was an event vehicle, they were only out for a limited amount of time, and currently go for upwards of 500 USD if I remember. Imho, learn to fight it, it has almost no useable ammo, and the only thing is has going for it is speed, I find fighting the F-104 at 9.3 is more of a nuisance.

If someone with a BI-1 would step up and dogfight me in the SK-60 to prove a point, I will more than gladly do it at 12:00 tomorrow.

I think they patched this

Wdym? The SK-60B is at 7.0 and rarely gets dragged down to 6.0 , at least in my experience. It doesn’t turn better than Bl either. I get that it gets to spawn already flying at 500kph at 1000m but that isn’t much of an advantage against something with 4 times your climb rate.


At 10% Throttle it can maintain a speed of around 480km/h at 2000m while slowly climbing. Furthermore at 10% it takes about 1:35 min to use up a SINGLE second of available fuel. All while climbing , altho a bit slowly in comparison to what it’s capable of at full throttle. You can check it out in a test flight if you want

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what is bro talking about the BI shits on the sk60 lmao, it easily out turns it and sk60 has no chance at all if the BI decides to go vertical. sk60 has terrible engine power and is a brick at low speed


stalin’s finest ion engine!

No no, it’s even better than that.

At sea level, at just 30% throttle in level flight, it will do 792kph! That’s enough to keep up with pretty much every 7.0 early jet while saving fuel.

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This guy Zyranovos has no clue what he is talking about, on my post about the BI he claimed that the Spitfire Mk 24 could out-fight and shoot down the BI because it “out-accelerates the BI and has an 8 second turn time vs the BI’s 23 second turn time”.

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yeah i just checked his stats and he’s below 0.5kd on his so called “op sk60 that shits on BIs” with a overall kb of below 1 in air rb lol. dude has 0 clue what he’s talking about