BL 15 Mk 1 Naval Gun Shell Missing?

Apologies if this has been brought up before but…

Where is the MK8 HE round for this cannon? And has anyone tried to get it added?

It seems a weird omission, and while yes it has SAP, having an HE with double the bang will also have it’s own uses.

There have been suggestions of adding the WW1 HE shell with 100kg bursting charge, although they were not actually used by the ship iirc.

In fact, since 1920s the British developed fuzes with function to switch in between delay and non-delay mode. So practically the CPC shell can be switched to non-delay mode and thus perform like a HE shell against light targets. The real “HE” shell weren’t supplied to most of ship unless one was carrying out shore bombardment operations.

Would it be practical to then suggest one shell with the Delay-fuse and one without?

Or they could carry over from what the T-34’s have with rounds never used in service, but theoretically being capable of being fired from that gun?

I’ve already written an internal suggestion about it


Thanks for getting back to me on this.

And for the information too boot.