Bkan engine sound

I’ve been using the Bkan for a while and I noticed something slightly annoying about its engine idle sound. Namely, there’s this continuous high pitched tinnitus-like sound when you’re sitting still. It’s not loud and I have my engine sounds at the lowest setting possible but it’s still noticeable when there’s not much other noise around.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I the victim of malfunctioning headphones?

Thats the turbine

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Yessss. It’s a really high pitched while. I thought I was developing tinnitus when I was sat next to one the other day.

Could do with the high pitch part toning down a touch.

Again its the Gas turbine. its supposed to whine.

Of course, that’s fine. In the interests of our ears it could stand to be toned down a little bit like the Abrams I guess.

The whine is fine, just the pitch could be lowered so it’s not quite as obnoxious.

ah, yea thats fair. i was thinking people wanted it removed.