"Bird hunt" mission not working?

So I just recently came back again after years of not playing,and there is a lot of new stuff.
Been playing the battle pass stuff to get points to get the decal from my old unit thats in the battlepass.
And today it gave me the mission “bird hunt” and I have played 2 games where I shot down a plane like the mission tells me and I dont get it cheked off.
What am I missreading or not getting?




nvm, 3rd times the charm https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/571466464381501493/1242533378499153960/shot_2024.05.21_19.43.39.jpg?ex=664e2ee2&is=664cdd62&hm=44881cd57100ca4ca5af48e7f8f542daf873d7cb98393b73af9971eab78388a6&
No idea what caused the problem the first 2 times

Ive had that happen before, it took a bit for the system to catch up. No idea what causes or how to fix it other than waiting.

If the player has released controls and they’re just flying around they don’t count as player vehicles anymore. You can tell when this happens because the player name is no longer on the vehicle.

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