Binoculars and shooting without a visual on the target


Today, here’s a tutorial on how to use binoculars to set up a shot without seeing the target in gunner’s view. Follow the guide.

 !! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

Before seeing the shot, remember to use your binoculars, which have a good angle of view and correct magnification. Because of their position above the turret, corresponding to the commander sticking his chest out of his hatch, you can look over obstacles and terrain. This position is called ‘observation scrolling’.

You can point the gun at the target in ‘binocular’ mode by left-clicking (‘main gun fire’ button)!

-1°) Necessary commands

-First of all, where can you find the controls you need to use the binoculars? Here:

Click Here: Command Binoculars and Viewing Distance Control

If you want to use the mouse wheel for another control, here’s where to find the view control axis. Be careful with your settings though, it may be slower than the mouse wheel but it’s also more precise.

-You may also need to use telemetry.

Click Here: Telemetry command

If you’d like to find out more about the telemetry mentioned in this topic, I suggest you read this topic dealing specifically with telemetry:

-2°) Elevation setting (Viewing distance control)

Incorrectly called the ‘Viewing Distance Control’ in the game, the elevation setting is very useful for long-distance shooting. It places the desired shooting distance in the centre of the aiming reticle, thereby reducing the number of corrections required.

Click Here: Using the elevation setting

Rangefinding can be used in binocular view.
In binocular view, if it is possible to adjust the elevation, the set distance is not displayed, except in the case of automatic adjustment following use of a laser rangefinder.

Click Here: Binocular sight elevation adjustment WITH Laser Rangefinder

Click Here: Setting the elevation in binocular view WITHOUT LR

-3°) Shooting without a visual behind a light obstacle (through which the shell can pass)

Shells, with the exception of HE and HEAT, can pass through a number of obstacles (low walls, bushes, fences, etc.). In fact, in certain situations, you can see a vehicle over these obstacles through the binoculars and fire directly through them.

Click Here: Shooting through a light obstacle

-3°) Shooting without a visual behind a heavy obstacle (not traversable by the shell)

Heavy obstacles block shells. However, it is possible to fire FROM BELOW if your target is far enough away and/or if your shell is slow enough to have a curved trajectory.

Click Here: Shooting over an obstacle

This is the end of this tutorial, which will help you to fire at long range without having to make improbable aiming corrections.
If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to post your comments and/or questions ;)

I kinda wish we could draw custom binoculars “sight”
So it would be easier to rangefind with our own designs

That impossible … Even for commander optics…

I know it is impossible, that’s sad… That’s why I wish it could be a thing

Be sure, i’m the first who modify that when we can x)