Big Guns are not fun

First of all, the fleet game is terribly boring… I love the fleet, but I caught myself forcing myself to level the ships, and it doesn’t make it any fun… this is a fact and I am not the only one who thinks this way my friends share this point of view, looking through the statistics I think I am not in the minority here.
In WoW it was bad, it was better done in Steel Oceans, but here it is tragic… this is not a tank to forcefully carry this targeting system that works at a distance of up to 3km . Maybe on a destroyer it still works but it should not be used on cruisers and even more so on battleships! These ships absolutely must have a new targeting and hit control system!!! Otherwise it is like watching a great battle from a distance of 14 km through a keyhole - and where is the fun here, ?! In fact, one does not know what is going on.

Answer the question:

  1. What is fun about playing with a ship?
  2. Does each ship use the same thing differ only in size? (Specializations)
  3. What is a fleet and why is it made up of different ships - how do you relate this to the game world? (gameplay variation)
  4. What kind of experience does a player expect when playing on:
  • a fast but gentle destroyer ?
  • A well-armed but slower cruiser ?
  • a powerful but vulnerable to attacks by small craft a battleship with guns carrying shells up to 44km! (range of sight at sea → 3.57*√h, where h is the height of the observer’s eyes given in meters - so can we rely only on sight or only on “realistic” aiming from tanks ?)
  1. How big is the battlefield on land, at sea - can too small a nautical map cause loss of realism, (colliding ships) frustration, rut, abandonment of gameplay?
  2. Perhaps the engine of this game will no longer pull the fleet and it is worth focusing finances on tanks and aircraft?

I recommend the article “The Battle of the Yellow Sea”-to level the scales a bit and think why naval war movies are so engaging and fleets in War Thander at the current level unfortunately are not.

Play enduring confrontation.
its better in any case .
The only problem is that the aiming correction is locked at 20km