BFW.Jagdpanther at 50% off worth it?

So I got a 50% off coupon for the Bfw.Jagdpanther. Is this something worth getting in 2023 for my eventual foray into ground battles?

well its the like the normal jagdpanther
but for 50% off ? why not ?
the 8.8 is a powerfull gun that has no trouble penetrating the most enemys

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It certainly used to be - being able to play 2 JgdPanthers in an AB game was a lot of fun - now you can get 3 for a while with backups to the premium too!

It’s a moneymaker, if your worry is SL and stuff.

Thinking about it purely in competitive terms, absolutely yes. Germany does not have many 6.3s after the recent BR changes, and quite frankly uptiering most of its 6.0 vehicles by even that 0.3 is just completely insane - which is why my 6.3 lineup is full of BR agnostic and meme vehicles, like the Sturmtiger or the PAK Puma.

Having the Bfw Jagdpanther means you now have three native 6.3 vehicles, not two. It also gives you a permanent Jagdpanther backup. If you have backups on each, that means potentially four spawns on a vehicle that is quite mobile forward, has a great gun, and good frontal protection. It widens your tactical options massively.


Right now in RB β€œvery important this” dont buy it, even aftert the reload speed in 6.3 with most of the battles around 7.0 and 7.3 is not a good idea buy it. Just wait to December a put talisman in regular jagdpanther a keep the money for more usefull premiun.

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So when will you release a Jagdpanther Ausf. G2 gaijin?

Imo yes, premiums all around give you great progress bonuses, if you are not past 6.3/6.7, id do it just to leapfrog a bit. It can be front penned by almost anything 6.7, but its gun is very potent and its quite fast, and you can do the same for most 6.7s youll fight.

You should be using them as ambushers and snipers, not brawlers or front liners