Bf109-k4 Secondary weapons


The BF 109K4, which is currently in the game, had the ability to carry secondary weapons in World War II. There is currently no choice of bombs in the game, but according to sources in World War II, this fighter was able to carry two 21 cm missiles and three types of bombs, 4 SC 50, 1 SC 250 and SC 500, and the pilot could carry one Choose from these secondary weapons. Sources and proof :

First picture and second (cover)
Source no.1

Book :“Messerschmitt Bf 109 F K” by Willy Radinger & Wolfgang Oto
Page 37
Section 2

'The following Rüstsätze (equipment
sets) were planned for the K-4: Rüstsatz 1
consisted of gravity weapons (bombs), 1 x
500 kg, or 1 x 250 kg.'These were mounted
either on an ETC 500/X B or a Type 503
integral rack beneath the fuselage. The
Riistsatz also included a ZBK 241/1 fusing
Third picture and fourth (cover)
2 .The Messerschmitt Bf 109: A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller , By R. L. Quilter

Page 229
Section 2
Equipped with bomb rack beneath fuselage (ETC
500/IXb or Schloß 503 A-1) - listed in L.Dv.T.2109
K-4/FI Teil 2, Bf 109 K-4 Bedienungsvorschrift
Close reconnaissance version with a single Rb
50/30 camera aft of the fuel tank; FuG 25a IFF
antenna moved aft one fuselage section (listed, but
no records indicate service use)
Equipped with 300 litre drop tank on aircraft

Fifth picture

  1. According to
    Asisbiz Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4 Kurfurst

That written a lot of information about it through many sources, K4 had the ability to carry bombs

Sixth icture

And finally, the missile and bomb firing buttons are now designed in the cockpit, and this detailed photo is on the Warthunder Wiki itself in the description of the BF 109K4.