Bf 110 B-1 The first Zerstörer (Destroyer)

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I would like to suggest the Bf 110 B-1, but not just the normal one, but with the ability to equip the 30mm Mk 101.
In game it would offer one of the earliest and still good and usable low br plane of the Bf 110 series, which overall is a beloved and well known plane while also giving a greater historical lineage. At around 1.3/1.7 (Engine performance is quite bad in comparisson, the Jumo Ju 210G as allready found on the He 112 B-2/U2 with 646 Ps Max performance and 726 Ps start performance, so barely stronger than the Hs 129, while beeing a bit bigger).

Furthermore as i not just suggest the standart B-1 but also with the ability to equip it with the 30mm Mk 101 (like the Bf 110 G-2 can equip a Bk 37 as ordanance, which removes the 2x Mg 151/20 (in this case 2x Mg FF) while the only other Mk 101 equipped Bf 110 is the C-6 which is allready in game as an event vehicle.

In the 1930 with the transition from Biplanes to monoplanes, the main concentration was on Single engine aircraft. At the time engine development was still rather lacking and one of the main drawbacks were the limited range. What developed from these problems in the Luftwaffe were the new class “Kampfzerstörer”/“Zerstörer” (Destroyer).
These were multipurpose heavy twin engine 2-3 seat all metal monoplanes with cannon armarment and internal bombbay.

Of the 7 companies only 3 responed to the plane request, beeing the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (Bf), Focke-Wulf (FW) and Henschel (Hs) which submittet the Bf 110, Fw 57 and Hs 124.
After beating Fw, Hs and Arado, Bf was given funds to build several prototypes and while omitting the internal bomb bay for greater armarment implementation, greatly surpassed the competition.

The B series was originally armed with 4x Mg 17 and 2x Mg FF, but also used together with the C-6 to mount the 30mm Mk 101, which should be in game as selectable ordanance like the Bk 37 on the G-2, which replaces the 2x 20mm Mg FF (360 rounds) for 1x internal 30mm Mk 101 (60 rounds), this would give a more unique playstyle.

4x 7,92 mm Mg 17 (4000 rounds)
2x 20 mm Mg FF (360 rounds)
1x 30 mm Mk 101 (60 rounds) replacing the 2x Mg FF as equipable ordanance.
1x Defencive 7,92 mm Mg 15
2x 250 kg Locks, which include SC 250 and AB 250. (Not available with the Mk 101.)

Engines: Jumo Ju 210G
Max Performance (5 min): 2700 rpm 1,30 ata
High performance (30min): 2600 rpm 1,22 ata
Continues performance: 2500 rpm 1,12 ata
(Taken from in game, PS performance below.)
Start Performance: 726 Ps
Max Performance: 646 Ps
Weight: 570 kg

Landing flaps: 250 km/h
Gear: 400 km/h
Horizontal flight: 430 km/h
Dive: 700 km/h (Engine RPM 3200 rpm)


Screenshot 2023-11-11 200421



Screenshot 2023-11-21 192646

Vorläufige Betriebs- und Rüstanleitung der Bf 110 B mit 2 Motoren Jumo 210G Ausgabe: 01.12.1938
Waffen Revue 13 Waffen-Lexikon 1605-100-6

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A rare and interesting aircraft! +1