Bf 109's feel heavily underpowered

Simple and quick.
The only Bf109 that I think is in the right condition is the G-2/trop.
So I’m comparing Bf 109 G-2/trop to Bf 109 K-4 to see why K-4 doesn’t feel right.

I found these information here

emptyWeight : 2840.0
normalWeight : 3435.0
maxTakeoffWeight : 3700.0
Engine takeoff power : 1947

emptyWeight : 2570.0
normalWeight : 3105.8
maxTakeoffWeight : 3274.0
Engine takeoff power : 1422

General rule is the more hp/Ton the better.

K4 : 1947 / 3435.0 ≈ 0.5668 hp/ton
G2 : 1422 / 3105.8 ≈ 0.4578 hp/ton
→ 0.5668 / 0.4578 ≈ 1.2381
→ (G2 climb rate) → 23.1 * 1.2381 ≈ 28.60
Maybe it doesn’t work like that so let’s give it a bit of discount :
→ 23.1 * 1.1381 = 26.29 ≈ 26

Before you go typing that these are two different aircrafts,
No they’re not, they are both Bf 109’s. It’s the same airframe.
They both look exactly the same so they must have same aerodynamics.

There we go I found the problem. K-4 has a climb rate of at least 26.
The difference of power to weight between the K4 and G2 is almost 1.24 times
but their climb rate in game is the same, WHAT!!! HOW???
I’m not sure if science supports that.

It’s not. What the stat card says is effectively meaningless.

The Bf 109 K-4 has the best overall climb rate of all 109s, and not by a small margin.


If theyre underpowered then how come they climb to bomber height before actual interceptors


They don’t get a lot of kills and wins in WT do they?
Well in the entire history, bf 109’s had like 30K confirmed kills and spitfires had like 5K but they are sOmEhOw overpowered in this game.
Do you want me to guess?

Stat card stuff come directly from the game files. You only see a few of every vehicle’s stats information in the format of “stat card” but they are meaningfully true.
If you know NOTHING about the GAME that is WT then you can not write BS on this post.

Climb rate is not the same. K4 climbs way faster.
28 meters per second at 338kph TAS.
21 meters per second for G2.

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The information on the stat card is completely separate from the actual flight model that makes the plane fly the way it does. This is a known fact.

Sometimes even basic characteristics like that plane’s top speed can be wrong in the stat card, because, again, the stat card has no actually direct connection to how the plane flies. (Here’s a bug report on the early F4U-1 variants and how their stat card was simply wrong in values like top speed when compared to their actual flight performance)

So you are absolutely the one that knows nothing about the game.


Anyone know what the game definition of climb rate is anyway?

I can certainly climb faster than the stat cards at times.
Other times, I can’t get anywhere close to getting to the climb rates as specified.

Is it an average of some height gain over time? What time? What height? What starting conditions?

idk what youre on, last time I played my 109 F-4 I had a fine time.

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Try to fight a seafire on same energy level for once. You’ll understand that the problem is all about their lack of actual engine power.

My 4.0 109 against a 5.3/7 Seafire?

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Calm down, he is right and you are wrong…


I quote myself “You only see a few of every vehicle’s stats information in the format of “stat card”” which means if you open the files for a specific planes like for example bf109K4, you see hundreds of different things that create the experience of that plane’s flight model. The stat card tells you how many of those hundreds? a few?
Lemme guess you can’t understand a simple thing that if there is a speed indication in the stat card, it’s only for the specified altitude that’s also written in the stat card and I’m not surprised your non-existent brain didn’t realize that.

The stat cards are functionally meaningless. They don’t come from the files. They are manually set which means they very often are wrong to how they perform ingame. Plus, the limits on the stat card can often be surpassed through things like fast dives. Take the P-63C-5 for example. That plane’s rated top speed is 663 km/h. In a dive I can. easily push 750 km/h with it and I’ve hit 800 km/h in some instances. Yes, the stat cards are technically true under certain parameters, but the chances you will actually be in those exact parameters are low enough that the statcard can be functionally ignored for performance.

And don’t accuse me of not having played long enough. You account was created on January 18, 2020. Mine was created on February 1, 2017. I have played for nearly 3 years longer than you.


And cool down right now or I will go get an actual moderator involved.


Just because they are both 109’s doesn’t mean the airframe is identical.

The BF 109K-4 likely has more drag due to the large blisters for the landing gear on each wing as well as the nose cowling being enlarged for engine-related upgrades.

In fact, the BF 109F-4 had the cleanest airframe of any BF 109 variant IIRC.

But they don’t even look the same.

  • BF 109G-2 has a 21.7 m/s climb rate.
  • BF 109K-4 has a 23.6 m/s climb rate.
  • BF 109G-2 has a top speed of 620 km/h @ 5000m.
  • BF 109K-4 has a tp speed of 701 km/h @ 5000m.

Both of those values are based on extremely accurate testing using identical conditions for both aircraft.


You do realize they fought France Poland and early war Russia? Early war 109s had an edge, late war they were outperformed by contemporary allied designs. If you want to know more about IRL performance and comparisons I can recommend this videos from this channel


You know that 9 years ago all Bf 109’s were heavily nerfed because some nation mains other than germany cried a lot about it and they got what they wanted right? You knew that?
I’m actually asking for all the nerfs to be undone. These planes are nerfed even the G2 and no one ever mentions it. Is it not time yet?
If I want the 109’s to go back to their old good time, do I have to cry about it on the forums a lot and get some friends to do it too?
Is this behavior of gaijin not gonna change?
Are they only caring for those army of whine-a-lot ?

Full fuel, probably military power, probably sea level.

There are no nerfs to be undone. This is a game that models flight models and weapon systems as accurately as possible.
If you have an issue with the flight model, prove it.
If you have an issue with engine output, prove it’s wrong.
And the guns are accurate so you can’t change much there.

Just because you don’t know about the nerfs doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Go watch any video on YT about Bf 109’s from 9-10 years ago. They will all tell you the nerfs and how easier it is to fight 109’s and much harder to fight in them.

Problem is the fact that I have to start a dogfight with a big altitude advantage to be able to win against anything. On the other hand, a spitfire can follow me on any maneuver such as stalls, spirals or scissors despite having a weaker engine whilst being the historically the useless one. Such historical accuracy in this game wow!!!