BF-109 Z-1 Missing Fifth gun

The Z-1 version must have a fifth gun in between the fuselages


Where is that image sourced from?

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Then it’s unclear if that diagram is a modern reproduction or authentic.
So it can’t really be used as evidence for this aircraft.

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You find a lot of posts about the missing 5th gun, the missing bomb load and ofc regarding the missing interceptor spawn (as on of the 2 versions was a designated interceptor) of the 109 Z in the old forum…

And ofc way better sources were attached to them, so it makes no real sense to contest the fellow player regarding the credibility of his sources…

The whole topic boils down that gaijin is unwilling to give the plane the correct loadout and airspawn due to balancing reasons and not due to missing sources - despite being a premium offered from time to time.

You find a hell of other planes with similar issues, like missing loadouts of Ju 88 bombers or missing interceptor spawn of designated interceptors like the XF5F or some Japanese interceptors.

This whole balancing topic is rather sad as the results of gaijins decisions give newer player complete wrong views of WW2 aircraft - most obvious is the SB2C dive bomber - lousy performance, hated by it crews and somehow a hidden star due to the airspawn…

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I’m not contesting Marcos.
I’d like this information to be correct just as much as he wants it to be correct.
All I am merely doing is both seeking information myself as well as helping him understand the source he found.
Weapon count isn’t a balancing factor in War Thunder.

people like the Helldiver?

Sry mate - i don’t get your point…

Dude - a guy with 30k matches and active in all possible threads is fully aware of how this game works and has a broad know-how in all areas of this game. So don’t try to downplay your wisdom :-)

I do agree that the OP could have added some more reliable sources just by adding the links to older posts (manyfacturer drawings, performance sheets, etc.) so you are technically correct to question luft46 as reliable source, but it does not change the result: Missing loadouts / weapons are known for years and nothing changes.

The recent discussion of the Ki 102 is a perfect example - we have irl an interceptor version with a 37mm gun and a ground attack variant with a 57mm version and missing bomb loadout. Gaijin has added the ground attack version without bombs and gave the plane an interceptor spawn.

And ofc the weapon count is related to the ammo count - which is considered in BR balancing, best examples are fighters like the MB 157 with 60 rpg for 2 20 mm or the J2M5 premium…so in case somebody would find sources that would increase the number of guns of these 2 examples, the ammo count would increase too - which would result in a higher BR = balancing.

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Holy jesus, i love this

Where did you found the draw of the 109Z? do you have the original image without the colour notes?

It says that the information is classified. :P

Yes moar guns !!!

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Here is the original. It is from a 109 German language book, which I have forgotten the name of:

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