BF 109 F-4 in Realistic battles

Hello everyone, What do you think about the BF 109 F-4 in realistic battles?
I’m flying this plane right now (spaded of course) and I have to say it’s hard, mainly because of the BR. Most games I fly against 5.0 and even if I don’t, the enemy team has XP 50 or P-38 with airspawn. OR Wyverns, my experience yesterday is that I could not catch her at any cost, ingame plane statistics must be lying. Even some A6M3 model 32 at an altitude above 5,000M outclimbed me, I did not understand.

You might want to revisit DEFYNs channel:

Imho too much 5.0 is a temp effect based on a hell of Italian pilots trying to spade the Hungarian Yak-3P.

P-38s are only a threat with significant alt advantage, nobody forces you to take a fight with a disadvantage. XP-50s are mostly limited due to having a rookie pilot - using their very hard high speed compression together with the rather low rip speed works fine. So you want them to dive on you and all you have to do is to force them in a high speed chase. If you then turn into them they can’t follow your initial turn.

All you have to do is to get above 5 km and the power drop of their engines makes them useless. Most of their kills are a result of forced head-ons whilst rushing into the enemy climb zone. And they other kills are mainly based on tunnel visioning / lack of situational awareness.

Setting up to catch a Wyvern requires some planning efforts to find the right positioning - so your main goal should be to have a significant alt advantage before you attack them. The most common mistakes i see fighting Wyverns is to accept head-ons and miscalculations of energy losses in high speed dives on them.

Imho just a matter of being outside your optimal climb speed.

Imho you might want to check some replays of this player

I see him almost daily in the Italian 109 F-4 flying the plane to it’s strengths. Even as i do not like stat padders like him, i have to admit that he is doing a pretty good job with this aircraft.

Last advice: Do not try to turnfight SM 92s or B7A2s - you have even without gun pods no chance in a turnfight.

Have a good one!

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