Better pilot models for modern aircraft

Currently, the in-game pilot model is quite inaccurate to real-life pilots, and I, along with a probably small number of other players, (lmao) would like for more realistic and updated pilot models for top tier aircraft. For example, the current US jet pilot model is most similar to an F-86 Sabre pilot, with the stuck-up oxygen mask, and yellowing off-white helmet. Even the flight suit is pretty outdated.

While this has no effect on gameplay, a more updated model for newer aircraft would be appreciated. This is what an F-15 pilot wears today.

Other naval aircraft like the F-14, F-4J, or potentially upcoming F/A-18 could have more colorful helmets, and look like this:

For the flight suits themselves, a more dark-green/gray look would be more accurate.
F/A-18 pilot

that’s all for now. thanks for reading!


How many times per battle you look at your pilot?

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errrrm 30 times

What a dumb question…

Its not dumb you just dont like the answer…

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Well, especially if you fly from cockpit (no other way in Sim…), you see the pilot model very well, especially using VR, and an accurate model would help with immersion.

But then iirc new models are on the roadmap for this year, no?

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I would love this to be honest xD

Do you get the “decapitated pilot” image in VR?

I turned off the pilot model a looooong time ago as it just looked… er… weird. I mainly play Air RB but I like looking around at all the cockpit details in quiet times, and also being in cockpit view when landing. But the decapitated pilot was always off-putting.

I could see pilot helmet skins becoming a thing in Warthunder…

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Usually I adjust my viewpoint a bit to the front, so My head’s position would be as it is realistically. Like this when I see down I see e.g. the rim of the floatation vest or similar, looking to the side and down my shoulders.

Never had any issues with “decapitation”. Everything looks very natural.

Note that some aircraft are more affected by the headposition than others: In the Draken for example, one has to move the head quite a long distance to the front, or you are in a very unnatural position…

It might be more pronounced in something like AirRB using “free-look” (camera) view, compared to VR being limited to your actual neck constraints.

This is an example. I’ll put it in a spoiler as it almost seems a NSFW image…


(I also removed pilot so I could seem more cockpit instrument details, but the above was actually the main reason – just gave me the heebie-jeebies)

That wasn’t an answer, it was a dumb question. If the guy is posting about this it should go without saying that he looks at the pilot model enough times to be bothered by it.

Its not you just dont like the answer