Best way to grind?

Would free to win or pay to win be the way to go ? Been wanting to finish the nation off, current br is 8.3, level 100. Mostly want the grippen, nothing else. Id play the j35xS but it never does any good for me. Yes its fun, gets 6 missiles and no tracer rounds, still a good jet but I never get good luck out of it. If there’s any suggestions let me know :).

At 8.3 you have the Saab 105G, which is in my experience good as a multirole aircraft in RB, and really very good in Sim EC. I find it is a good grinder, and actually prefer it to the Premium 105OE (which compared to the 105G lacks especially in bombs armament…).

Air : Get a good premium & premium account to make life easy. People will hate on you for having a premium but effem’, it is your money.

Ground : Spade to grind, do not use premium ground vics to grind as it is slow without the bonus RP. Premium account helps.

Either way - if you go full free to play instead of pay to progress the fastest will be to spade while you grind.

I dont really what a lot of people think in this community about what others have lol, I just brush it by at the end of the day its not a big deal.
I already have premium from buying packs etc, im not interested mostly into sweden ground, but mostly air. Sweden is just a copy paste ish in my eyes tbh. I do want the grippen as stated though. I was thinking of buying the A32A Rod adam and grinding via bombing until I get the AJ37 Strike version, spade that, then put a talisman on it to use it as a bomber for extra grinding. Thanks for the suggestion :) I wish sweden got more premiums.

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I’m not much of a sim player. Plus, most nations. I’ve never really been a fan of the 8.0 gameplay. I find that teams are kinda mid, and you dont get a lot done, last I tried the SAAB 105 platforms, they did not like me. I’m a pretty decent player, I know what to do most of the time, but throughout experience, 8.0-10.0 hasn’t been my sweet spot. Thanks for the suggestions :p

you basically just suffer.

pick an aircraft with which you suffer the least, put a talisman on it, and play that(ideally with premium time).

there is no way to not suffer while grinding the swedish tree

Ain’t that the same with most nations tho ? lmao.

I enjoy simulator to grind, I’m currently working on the J34 so I can get to the AJ-37. Sim, for roughly and hour of play, you (depending on your actions) can get up to 12k RP in a match just by bombing a few bases, I currently bomb with the A32A, and if I want to fight enemies, I use the J32B, oh and on the tracer thing, the 30mm should get tracers, as it’s historical on all the m/55 ADEN cannons, only downfall of the Swedish adens are their capacity to fire rate ratio, 90 rounds per gun at a high KG per second requires ludicrous patience and skill, without tracers that is. The tracers designation is “övnpjr m/55” and “övnpjr m/55b” if your wondering or wanting gaijin to put the trace belt back in game.