Best unit of measurement?

Hello, I was wondering what the best units of measurement to use are. ] am currently using MPH and FT, should I change it to KPH and M?

It depends on you. Personally its easier for me to visualize the metric system because the numbers match up nicely to things, especially for airspeed and altitude.


Just use whatever you are comfortable with. Personally, I use metric because that’s what I use day-to-day. But if you wanted to be really fancy you could use kilometres for distance and feet for altitude, which is what NATO uses.

Do they indeed?

That’s what I use - but mainly because I’m old and have worked in aviation for a few decades, and feet is still the unit if altitude measurement.

Kilometers is what the road transport speed limits are in, so I’m comfortable with the split!

I can parse altitude in meters without too much bother too - but I do actually have to do so because feet remains more meaningful for me.

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Since you folks are talking measurements, here’s my question. I use imperial measurements. And when I’m playing Arcade Ground, the distances I see in sniper mode don’t seem like feet, the seem more like yards/meters. For example, in test drive, most tanks won’t kill past 1000. That’s 1/5 of a mile and doesn’t seem that far. If it was yards / meters, it would be 3/5 mile and a more appropriate kill distance. Your advice please.