Best tanks from each tier of X country

So, put the best tanks from each tier from X nation, dont put only one but a full list

Tier 1 chinese is definitely the M8 LAC; it’s agile and has good turret rotation speed even though it’s a reserve tank; it is also has a M2 MG on the roof which is really handy at shredding enemy planes.

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many youtubers make such tierlists such as


For America:

Tier 1: M2 or M22.

Tier 2: M24

Tier 3: M18

Tier 4: T26E1-1

Tier 5: T32

Tier 6: M60A2


at that br, every chinese tank with 50 cal is godsend. You don’t even really need to use canon

USSR list:
Tier 1: any BT tank
Tier 2: any T34 and Kv1
Tier 3: T34-85 and from premium tree M4A2 (76w)
Tier 4: all the tanks are good from this tier, lost of IS2, great AA vehicles, great big gun tank destroyers
Tier 5: all T54 tanks, BMP1, BTR-80A, IS3, IS4, T44-100, ZSU-57-2
Tier 6: any T55, T62, T64, T72A is great, BMP-2,BMP-3, lowrider Obj775, ZSU-23-4, Obj435, Strela-10M2, 2S25
Tier 7: T-80BVM, T-72B3, 2S25M, Pantsir-S1 and BMP-2M