Best tanks from each tier of X country

So, put the best tanks from each tier from X nation, dont put only one but a full list

Tier 1 chinese is definitely the M8 LAC; it’s agile and has good turret rotation speed even though it’s a reserve tank; it is also has a M2 MG on the roof which is really handy at shredding enemy planes.

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many youtubers make such tierlists such as


For America:

Tier 1: M2 or M22.

Tier 2: M24

Tier 3: M18

Tier 4: T26E1-1

Tier 5: T32

Tier 6: M60A2


at that br, every chinese tank with 50 cal is godsend. You don’t even really need to use canon

USSR list:
Tier 1: any BT tank
Tier 2: any T34 and Kv1
Tier 3: T34-85 and from premium tree M4A2 (76w)
Tier 4: all the tanks are good from this tier, lost of IS2, great AA vehicles, great big gun tank destroyers
Tier 5: all T54 tanks, BMP1, BTR-80A, IS3, IS4, T44-100, ZSU-57-2
Tier 6: any T55, T62, T64, T72A is great, BMP-2,BMP-3, lowrider Obj775, ZSU-23-4, Obj435, Strela-10M2, 2S25
Tier 7: T-80BVM, T-72B3, 2S25M, Pantsir-S1 and BMP-2M

that is literally 75% of the russian tanks
not gonna lie they are really OP just that im a chinese main(for ground)

Yeah, early stage if spading is terrible, but when I revisit each one of those vehicles, I see how good they are in certain situations, USSR have lots of options when it comes to playstyle.

For italy:

Rank 1: Ab.41. Quick little armored car with a high penning 20mm autocannon

2: p.40. Forgotten monster, decent gun with insane HE filler and heat to deal with most of what the ap cant pen, and armor that is fairly reliable if angled properly. Genuinely one of my favorite tanks in the game

3: Breda 501. Extremely fast car with a very good gun

4: leopard 40/70 but ill ignore that and say m18. Very fast and manuverable, good gun, exceptional gun handling

5: r3 t106. Twin recoiless rifles on an extremely fast little chasis. Annoying to fight, very fun to play

6: leopard 1a5. Your first real taste of top tier mbts. stab, laser, dart, thermals. Very solid tank

7: centauro 120. Italys only real competitive top tier as of right now. Fast, well armored (for a wheeled vehicle), high pen, good optics, fast reload

8: Ariete AMV. This thing sucks but its their only rank 8