Best T-34 variant 3.3 to 4.7?

Please tell me which is the best.

All of them, unironically. the 57s are probably the best but the HE filler is unreliable


T-34 (1942/1943 in chinese TT), or T-34-57 (regardless if its a premium or not), German T-34-76.

Either the 42 or the 43 variant.

The 57mm ones are just trash.

My fave is the 42 but the 41 is probs the best for the BR, or the 57s

I will be different and go with the T-34E premium. After that I think the T-34-57(premium) as it gets APCR and has a better turret than the regular one. But honestly they are all great. Only one I am missing is the T-34 Prototype.

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T-34E Premium and T-34 747.
T-34E screens are really strong when angled and covers most of the turret weakspots when angled between reloads.
German T-34 combines better reload, 42s better turret and T-34E stronger hull front to really nice package.


It is literally useless.

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The T-34E and T-34STZ at 4.0 are both the best T-34s imho. The reason is because of the combination of the armor, gun, and also you mainly fight 3.7-4.3 tanks.

The T-34STZ with its hull angled is very hard to pen with even German 75mm guns.You basically have to aim for the hull machine gun or turret which is trolly on the T-34s.

The T-34E has extra protection with applique armor around the sides of the hull and turret, but it’s also 3 tons heavier, and slower than the STZ.

The T-34-57 is also good. It has great pen, but its post-pen damage is hit or miss. It either one shots or takes 2-3 shots to finish most people off. Also, at BR 4.7 you very often are fighting against 5.7 Tigers.

At 4.0 you can run a T-34E, T-34 STZ, KV1S, and KV1E (realistic) line-up. This is by far the most op Soviet line-up.

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Totally agree on all points.

Tigers are 5.7 and 6.0.

Meant to say 5.7.

i know its not 3.3-4.7 but probably the Su-122

perhaps even Su-85