Best rank 5 USSR jet to grind with

To the people wondering, Personally i’ll say hands down, the Il-28.
This plane is just so god damn OP for grinding that i get similar or even better results with it than my premium Su-7BMK.

Game 1: 49,974k SL, 9,134k RP (My team won)
Game 2: 19,061k SL, 8,064k RP (My team lost) +I got shot down by mid map AA lol
Game 3: 61,442k SL, 9,939k RP (My team won)

Also keep in mind, i have no premium account + I die with the plane pretty rarely and i have 0 occasions where i havent been able to drop my bombs.

So i suggest you try the plane out and see if it fits your play style.

What i do is, i dive down towards a base and basically rush to bomb it, after i bomb it i RTB and i re arm, then i go bomb another base and if the enemy team is basically dead i go after ground targets(Keep in mind that midmap AA can easily shoot you down).Pretty boring playstyle but i like it.

And btw, keep in mind that if u get hit in the fuselage, theres a big chance that u will be set on fire.

I grained with the Su25k in sim mode, but i got also the mig-15 bish and its really fun, if you like that play style I would suggest to try the sim mode, learn the controls and the mode and you’ll get the hang of it

Is the su-11 good?