Best bomber and fighter line at rank 3-4

I’m a new player to the forum and have been playing War Thunder for almost a year now. I play mostly American Air RB and am currently at rank 3. I have the strike aircraft line researched and am almost finished researching the bomber tree at rank 3. I am wondering if I should spade a rank 3 bomber or wait until rank 4. I will also eventually have to research a fighter line. Should I research the naval fighter line, or the regular fighter line with top-tier F-16?

You should do what you enjoy.


Mhm - if you needed a year to get to rank III i am not sure if it makes sense to consider F-16s as relevant for any decisions…with this speed you might think about more realistic goals.

So either you play for fun or to grind. In the best case you play for fun and research progress is a just a positive side effect if you are good in Air RB…

Any really helpful advises strongly depend on your own assessment of your skill and your actual goals whilst playing wt.

In any case - the US air TT has a lot of good (and often severely undertiered) aircraft - clarify your goals and you will get helpful recommendations.


I am not considering F16’s. I am already at rank 3 and wondering which fighter line I should do. The naval fighter line or the line with the p-63 and p-38, the fighter line on the far left of the tech tree. I am wondering if I should spade the PB4Y-2 or B-17E both in rank 3. Or the B-17 late in rank 4.

Ok - i still miss your overall goal mate.

Nevertheless - spading rank III bombers in the US tech tree is imho a pain and a waste of time. You might get some good results with the B-26 with fast dive attacks (only on first run, depending on the map) using the good speed if you not get intercepted by hordes of Wyverns. Otherwise playing bomber at those BRs in Air RB is planned suicide…

For your fighter choice at rank III - it would either use the 3.3 P-63 or the 4.7 F4U-4 - to research the whole rank III. The later is basically the 5.7 F4U-4b with 0.50 cals instead of 20mm cannons. The flight performance is amazing and from my pov u can stay almost untouchable if flown correct.

Both recommendations are severely undertiered as a lot of other US planes. Have in mind that especially US teams are either really good or really bad - there seems to be no middle ground.

If you are not a “completionist” - there is no need to spade “useless” planes.

Have a good one!

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Thanks, that helped a lot. Since I am very close to unlocking rank IV, any aircraft recommendations for rank IV? I have the strike and bomber lineup unlocked, and you recommended the naval fighter Line. Basically, any good fighters, bombers, or strike aircraft worth spading to grind in rank IV?

Np mate - i flew all of them on an inactive account.

Rank IV is a little bit special as besides the F-82 (one trick pony hedadons) and the B-29s (way too high BR) all planes are somehow good - maybe u can exclude the F8Fs too - they are optimized for altitudes up to 4 km and have severe overheating issues.

The problem of rank IV is that you get often sucked in the “Ju 288 black hole” - playing with 6 US/GB fighters vs 2 Italian or German fighters and 4 Ju 288s. This might look tempting as u fight vs overtiered (Re 2005 at 6.0 - a joke) fighters in numerical advantage and experienced axis pilots are rare. But if you meet some vets they wipe the floor with your team as experienced US pilots looking for a challenge usually avoid this BR range too, or they are just bored.

So i would go for the F4U-4b at 5.7 or the P-51 H-5 at 6.3. The Corsair got downtiered due to cannon nerf, but now after realshatter 2.0 (cannon buff) they are far too low in BR. Watch some DEFYN vids on yt for both planes to use them at their strengths.

If you know what you are doing: the 2 ADs and the AM-1 can be fun too. Without bombloads you are thanks to the airspawn able to intercept the Ju288s before they reach a base. And they are quite good turnfighters if you avoid vertical dogfights.

All you have to do in this BR range is to avoid Ta 152 H-1s with alt advantage and low speed dogfights with any opponent and u should be fine.

Due to the Ju 288 issue you might even have a survival chance in the B-17G. Just let your fighters go in first by doing a 180 turn after spawn and hope that the 2 enemy fighters don’t see your contrail before your fighters are at altitude. Otherwise you get killed by a Ta 152 or Fw 190 A-8 due to their airspawn. They will go for you at any cost, so if u are able to avoid them it is almost a milk run.


This is incorrect,
Spading vehicles speeds up the grind by a not insignificant amount, the rp bonuses you get for spading teirs of modifications will help you grind a lot faster than just playing an already spaded vehicle over and over again. If the vehicle is poor and/or you are struggling in it, by all means skip it, but if it is a simple copy paste job or a fine plane, just nothing special, it is worth spading for the RP bonuses.

Dude seriously? Instead of helping a fellow player with some questions (which planes?) you come out of nowhere and add such comments?

I mean technically you are correct, but context matters.

If a fellow player needs a year to unlock rank III in one of the easiest air Tech Trees - the additional benefits (small bonus for spading) simply doesn’t matter compared to the question (which planes?) as he has not asked how to “accelerate”.

So a casual player (not asking for speed grinding) has more benefits from playing the “right” planes (which are easy to fly) than to go down into the rabbit hole of grinding - at least from my pov as the advantage of playing the right planes easily outweights the described bonus.

I mean i have not commented your thoughts of uptiering the 109 F-4 to 4.3 whilst leaving the P-51 C at BR 3.7 in another thread - despite i could have easily addressed a comment why this is a bad idea, but i skipped it as it simply doesn’t matter.

Go for it.

Apologies for upsetting you by correcting you, but misinformation is misinformation. Spading “useless” planes speeds up the grind and introduces you to different playstyles, some more or less effective than others. If you are unsure about what you want to do or play, best bet is to try everything, and then, like i said, if you struggle or arent having fun, best to skip that vehicle and try the next. There is a lot of use in spading “useless” planes, or at least trying them.

Accepted. No need to continue if you can’t stick to the topic or see the context.

Correction, I started playing War Thunder about a year ago. I quit bc I didn’t have time to play, and I started playing again In spring. I was at 1.0 when I stopped playing, and have now reached rank 4. I am somewhat casual, but my biggest issue currently is not having enough sl to get planes. In one case, I had researched the entire us strike line in rank III, but was still playing rank II planes. I am looking to speed up the process, but am not in the situation to devote every minute of my free time to playing wt. I want to enjoy playing war thunder, and grinding sh*tty planes is not considered enjoyable in any sense for me. I will remember to use the rp bonuses, but will not change how I play the game to get those. I currently also do not have the sl to do that strategy.

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Spade 'em all, and you can’t go wrong. 😉

It also gives you time to farm SL, rather than rushing through the tree and being broke.

Got your points. Tbh - usually the grind up to rank V is rather easy and a lack of SLs is often an indicator of grinding too fast - at higher ranks you run into severe RP issues - even with premium time and/or planes.

So if you prefer a certain playstyle it might be easier to grind in planes that are best suited to your style. You might agree that having fun and success at the same time is the best recipe to progress.

US planes have at prop levels a kind of “meta” disadvantage as most of their enemies have better climb and turn rates - and some of them are not beginner friendly as you need MEC and some experience (target selection, situational awareness) to play them successful and make use of their speed advantage. And some of them are just boring to fly…

Do you think I should spade the b17g?
Also do you have some SL grinding tips and methods.

Hmh…i am not really a fan of B-17s, but if you consider this:

…it might be worth a try. In any case u should climb, most B-17s die due to shallow dive attacks or whilst trying to land and rearm. In other words: Below 6,5 to 7 km you will die, above 7.0 km you have better chances as there your comparably good speed and the excellent range of your turrets (~2.4 km) can create much better chances - but the introduction of contrails shows everybody your position…

I play wt for around 7 years exclusively for fun and with WW2 props only - despite i had fully researched US, IT, JP and US up to top tier i will never fly any jets as i don’t like that game play.
After being forced to create a new xbox account i play here just the 3 props i had the most fun - and reached in the IT, SWE and JP Air TT top tier again - despite getting an insane penalty (~80%) on RPs when you research rank VIII with rank III or IV planes.

So you might see that i am not really a good advisor for increasing SL and RP income. I recommend to open a new thread (stating your goal, TT, preferred play style) for this question - there are a hell of experienced players are glad to help you out.

If you want to do some research upfront - search the old forum and you find a hell of threads like this:

Thanks man, really appreciate it.

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