Bering Sea - Naval Battles Feedback Thread

This new location for naval battles is bringing you to the harsh north. The designers of this location tried to create a collective image of the surroundings of the islands in southern Alaska and the main attraction of the region, the Islands of Four Mountains. This is a group of four active volcanoes situated right in the middle of the sea!

This location has a seascape with decent cover, where smaller ships and boats can maneuver around, while bigger ships will take duels on the open sea.

Please check this brand new location and leave your feedback in this thread.
Thank you!


If you down game launching match to 1 player, we could test it …

Can’t provide gameplay feedback as I’m on console, but I’m super happy to see another winter Naval map, we have so few. :)

As an aside, it’s also wonderful to see so many maps reworked this patch, including Naval ones. Still room for improvement though; the big ship spawns on African Gulf still need attention, as does the general trend of “waist-high” islands paired with the target lock working with the smallest sliver of ship visible (or even none). Definitely the biggest map-related issue in Naval.


The map is definitevely pleasing to look at but I can´t comment on the gameplay apart from it looks like another naval map. It would be really helpful if we could open it in custom battles since trying to get NF battle on dev server is hopeless.


@Stona_WT Will you do something to make this able to play with bots ?
Cause we are unable to launch if there are not more than 4 players

The dev server really needs to run 24/7 custom servers with new maps, and/or remove all non-changed/new maps from rotation, and/or something…


I think coastal part should have closer island to make destroyer advence harder and easier to torp by coastal.

As like arabian sea, irland bay, golden bay.