Beriev LL-143, Predecessor of the Be-6

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Beriev LL-143

Predecessor of the Be-6




The Second World War clearly demonstrated the urgent need for heavy seaplanes in the fleet’s aviation. The American Catalina, delivered through lend-lease, partially addressed this need. However, the supply of PBYs did not fully solve the problem, highlighting the necessity for a domestic aircraft of this class. In August 1942, G.M. Beriev submitted a proposal to the NAP for a heavy twin-engine flying boat weighing up to 22,000 kg. This aircraft would feature a “seagull” wing, a two-keel tail, long range, and powerful weaponry. G.M. Beriev’s proposal was reviewed, approved, and authorized for development and construction by A.I. Shakhurin.

Since there were no suitable production facilities in Omsk, the OKB G.M. Beriev was relocated to plant number 477 in Krasnoyarsk by order of the NKAP on May 5, 1943. The construction of the first prototype LL-143 began on April 14, 1944, followed by the second prototype. The maiden flight of the LL-143 took place on September 6, 1945.

During the final phase of testing, I.V. Stalin issued an order on February 9, 1946, and the Council of Ministers of the USSR passed Resolution No. 1289-527s on June 21, 1946, transforming the OKB into State Union Experimental Plant No. 49 of the naval aircraft industry. This new enterprise became the sole design team in the country responsible for designing and constructing seaplanes.

On July 22, 1946, during the flight and aerobatic evaluation of the flying boat, pilots noted its simplicity in piloting technique, making it accessible to an average pilot. They also praised its maneuverability, seaworthiness, easier takeoff and landing, and ability to maintain the specified flight mode, reducing the need for constant rudder adjustments during long flights.

The testing of the first LL-143 was deemed successful, with all requirements of the specifications fulfilled. However, both the designers and the military recognized the need for further improvements to the aircraft.

Both Prototypes were likely converted to Be-6’s

Technical Data


Crew - 8

Length - 23 m

Height - 7.2 m

Wingspan - 33 m

Empty Weight - 15,104 kg

Gross Weight - 21,300 kg

Powerplant - 2 x Shvetsov AHs-72 Radial Engines (1,655 kW each)

Max Speed - 371 km/h (Sea Level) 401 km/h (At 4,300 m)

Landing Speed - 140 km/h

21.5 Minutes to 5,000 m

Range - 2,800 km Normal


1 x 12.7mm UBT Machine Gun in Nose Turret.

2 x 12.7mm UBT Machine Guns in Beam Turrets.

1 x 12.7mm UBT Machine Gun in Dorsal Turret.

1 x 12.7mm UBT Machine Gun in Ventral Turret.

1 x 12.7mm UBT Machine Gun in Tail Turret.

2 x 45-36MAN Torpedoes

2 x FAB-1500

8 x FAB-500

8 x FAB-250

8 x Mines

Up to 4000 kg Bombload.







(Book) The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft 1875-1995. (Pg 50)

Beriev LL-143 Multipurpose flying boat

Beriev LL-143 - flying boat

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Would make a nice tt equivalent to the Be-6

I really wonder what its BR placement would be since it gets 12.7s instead of 23s

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That’s a lot of HMGs! +1

2.3-3.0 br. It would be quite defenseless without the powerful 23 mm NR-23

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Be nice to get a Be-6 variant in the tech tree even, always hated full production vehicles locked solely behind the pay wall, even those I won’t use (staring hard at the Wyvern!). Probably be a lot more usability as it can sit at a lower BR thanks to having only MGs.

Not really spoiled for variants or operators but maybe one day there will also be a Qing 6 for China and be able to claim job complete?

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Personally i would reckon it would be 4.3-4.7, yes it has a lower top speed (401 km/h to k18 km/h) and a weaker defensive armament, but it has a wider arc of defense compared to the be-6
@F-16D_Barak_II @Gnza10091441

6 is a lot??

It’s no B-24, but it’ll do the job

+1, very interesting

+1, something with air droppable mines would be great for my Soviet 7.0 lineup.
Also aircraft like the
R-1 Beriev

Be-10 Armament


Guns: 4 × 23 mm (0.90 in) Afanasev Makarov AM-23 cannon. 2 forward firing, and 2 in a radar-controlled tail turret

Missiles: Up to 3 RAT-52 torpedoes.

Bombs: 12 × FAB-250 250 kg or 1 FAB-3000 3000 kg. Anti-shipping mines.


i have these in my plans


Except for the upper station. The rest seem to be simple swivel guns with limited arcs of fire, not “turrets” as suggested by the post. The only additional coverage that the Be-6 lacks is what the waist guns would provide, which could fire beneath the wings. But this is only one 12.7mm.

Pe-8 at 4.3br can converge 2x20mm in the upper rear hemisphere. This one could only converge 2x12.7mm. Be-6 at 5.0br can 4x23mm!!