Belgian Ground Forces Sub-tree - Resist and Bite!

Cockerill 1030 turret fitted with a new anti-drone radar system on a Patria AMV (???) hull


Can also be fitted to the Cockerill i-X, now available in greeen

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Hello, I wanted to advise that this particular vehicle should be in a BR 4.0 in rank 3 or close to that since the cannon is an earlier version of the Italian R3 T20 of BR 5.7 rank 4, the 20 mm Oerlikon KAA cannon has a fire rate of 900 shots per minute, not 100 as mentioned here, even so the rate of fire is comparable to the Italian one that I mentioned but not the penetration, which in the KAA is 20 mm at 800 m as you mentioned but the Italian has 24 mm at 1000 m, then you should lower the BR and rank of this vehicle, I know all this because my country Chile had 2 vehicles with the same turret and cannon and in my own sub tree I have both vehicles in BR 3.7 - 4.0

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Thanks! Yeah the fire rate is definitely a typo, and i will probably downtier the thing, maybe not all the way down to 4.0 tho

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Hi guys

So apparently Belgian Chaffees used APDS:

Now i would want to include it in the suggestion, but for now we know very little about it apart from the muzzle velocity, rn our best guess is something based on the 17pdr APDS, maybe someone here has an idea?

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not gonna lie, I’m only interested in the french vehicles upgrade by the belgians, and the indigenous designs or upgrades that have no french counterpart. Things like the jpk should be a german premium and have no place in the french TT.

I hear you but it’s not really how subtrees work at all,
Look at how South Africa came with a Gripen, Hungary with Russian aircraft or Finland which is almost entirely copy paste.


yeah gaijin has to do at least 50 ctrl-c ctrl-v per tree.

I mean Belgium has quite a bit more unique content than Finland, like South Africa that has a rather unique sub-tree

I tried suggesting the alternate tab tech trees a long time go and was repeatedly told it’s already in the game. Since it isn’t actually used anywhere in the game, I don’t think this brilliant idea will ever come to fruition. It would certainly solve a lot of issues for nations that can offer a lot but not be a standalone tree though. Even better for a nation that maybe has a full air tree but a small ground tree or something.