Beamrider missiles are controlled from Optics not the physical tube that holds the missile. Stop locking optics movement to the limits of the launcher

This quirk of the game mechanics is absolutely crippling to a lot of the beam rider missile vehicles.

These missiles were controlled from the Optics system however before they were added to the game the vehicle optics were locked to be unable to move beyond the movement limits of the primary weapon. This made sense back when vehicles were restricted to WW2 era systems but is now crippling more modern systems with independent optical systems.

Alot of these missile systems didn’t have a particularly wide range of movement in the launcher because it didn’t need the launcher would point in the general direction of target to fire without obstruction and then the guidance system would take over.

This problem effects most of the beam rider weapons systems but some of the worst examples of this are the Swedish AA’s Lvrbv 701 and ASRAD-R the Launchers have a max elevation of 35 degree’s the game locks your optics so that and its impossible to aim against aircraft flying above the combat area.

The ADATS also suffers from a similar problem, its 25mm self defence gun is classed as the primary weapon which only has a elevation of 60 degree’s. So even thought he launchers and Optics are capable of going well beyond this they cant. Again being unable to aim upwards absolutely crippling to a high tier AA.

I’ve singled out the Swedish and USA AA’s as some of the worst effected by this issue but it is in no way limited to only those vehicles


Have you created a bug report or considered posting a suggestion? (once they open back up)
I don’t think anyone from Gaijin reads these forums, besides moderators, for moderation purposes.

I heard a lot about the ADATS issue.
Let’s hope it gets fixed for all vehicles.

Its not a bug, its a out dated mechanic working as intended from 7 years ago causing problems with modern vehicles

So a suggestion, when that forum section re-open up.