=BBUML= Beach Bum Legends - Casual Recruitment

Beach Bum Legends is aiming to build a Casual Squadron of players at least 18+ Microphone not required but acknowledgement of chat and in game will be. English is strongly preferred, will accept players from all over the world of all skill types. While we are looking for people who want to play the game for fun or to be proficient. We won’t fault you for taking break. Take your time to play the game and enjoy your time here. Players aren’t expected to play with each other but we do expect people to be friendly to each other and help each other learn the game if we are available. Likely we hope to build players that will want to be more serious with the game.

Looking for players for both Arcade and Realistic in Aviation, Navy and Army.

Thank you for considering Beach Bum Legends!

Application sent, i’m 18+ with open mic looking for an arcade squad to suffer with, i can roll tanks at any BR under 10.3

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