Baz Meshupar wrong radar?

Out of the 3 F-15s added only the Meshupar has the AN/APG-63, while the Japanese and American one have the AN/APG-63(V1), that supports the TWS mode. Is this a bug or intentional?


AN/APG-63(V1) have hms mode but AN/APG-63 don’t have hms mode and baz meshupar can use hms on missles but on radar it can’t so in my opinion its a bug or just oversight.

or some sort of agenda to make Israel tech tree less favorable and playable , probably not beneficial enough for Gaijin so they just gimp it silently …

its not even mentioned in Changelogs … they worte "F15A , F15J and Baz " not Baz Meshupar

Trying to slide those changes without getting notice ;)

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At this point it’s very clear Gaijin just hates Israel. They consistently give it the worst, ahistorical, gimped, non functioning, copy paste garbage every single update. They wish they never added the tree. They hate having to listen to Israeli players asking for stuff. So they give them worse copy paste in the hopes they switch nations. But there is a healthier option.

Like i kinda came to terms with the Meshupar being a copy and paste F-15C but dear lord, they really did us dirty with this one.