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Hello everyone . I wanted to ask the players , that are well more educated in the game than me about the Battle Pass . I like Sweden and I like the Tiger 2 in the battle pass since it’s 6.7 BR and I would like more vehicles at that br range for Sweden .

My question is this . If I purchase the battlepass , for me to be able to get the Tiger 2 , do I have to do every single challenge the battle pass has and also buying extra challenges with the WarBonds , completing them too for me to be able to get level 75 at the battle pass ? Please do tell me . I wouldn’t want my money to go to waste and not get the Tiger 2 .

Thanks in advance everybody

Nope, lvl 75 is pretty easy just do your Daily Tasks and Logins and the BP Missions. Thats it.


I’ve never been able to get to level 75 before . Even playing daily . Maybe I’m doing something wrong . But thank you so much for answering me that . I really appreciate it .

The challenges are the key - they get you 3 levels each, so pay particular attention to them.

And remember you can buy 15 levels for 2500GE if you are short at the end

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You’re right . But I always do only the 2 tanks challenges since I dont play with planes and ships . That’s what concerns me

That will certainly limit you - and is a mechanism for Gaijin to get people to play more modes, so dont’ expect it to change!!

The BP challenges are very important. Technically you don’t have to do them, but you should. Daily and special tasks also give BP points. Your 2 daily tasks + 1 special task will give you a full BP level and the challenges give you 3 levels each. Some of the challenges are really easy. When combined with daily logins, you can get the Kungstiger rather easily. The improved BP for 2500 GE will also give you 15 extra levels.


The two daily tasks and the special tasks will get you there.

What i do for buying the battlepass is i wait until i get close to lvl75 before buying it. That way, i know that i will get everything i want before spending the ge


JUST? Please be aware that this IS NOT so easy for most players. OP should be AWARE of the time required for this…

It is possible for sure…but not so easy as the comment puts it…requires DAILY playing for some time…depending on player skill.


Good tip here^^

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Daily login yields roughly 25 pass levels.
Daily T2 task yields roughly 18 levels.
→ Lvl 43
If you do all the T3 tasks, you get another 27 levels.
→ Lvl 70

So now you have to figure out, how to make it further.
Either special tasks or challenges.
(You could already have completed 2 challenges)


Got a bit of a math typo there.

43+27= 70

To answer OP, if you don’t miss any daily logins or 3-point tasks, you still need 5 levels, so any combination of 10 specials and 2 seasonals can get you to 75.

I would suggest grinding the battlepass and only buying it once you have reached level 75, that way if you dont make it, you dont waste your GE

Curious…how many hoursXdays do you (or anyone) estimate this would take?

If you can play all modes and/ or don’t mind burning SL, it can be an hour a night, or 90 hours total for the BP

Thanks for the estimate…i think it is important for those who want to go for it to know what is “expected”.

If you have the time and motivation, BP is great…but if you don’t it may be frustrating…some tasks are harder than others…
(TBH i stopped playing BP long ago when tasks stopped being available for the entire duration)

Quick Guide - How To Work The Battle Pass

For the Battle Pass, you have to do the 2 daily challenges to earn 5 points. A 2 pointer and a 3 pointer, then… for doing the what I just call the “3 pointer”, you can buy a Special Task for 30 war bonds to open a challenge, which I just call the “5 pointer”. That’s your possible 10 BP points to win every day, that’s a BP tier a day. If you log in every day, you start at 1 BP point a day, and then it goes up every 3 weeks to 2, then 3, 4, and then 5 points a day max, just for signing in. By season day 78, you could by earning “15” BP points a day, that’s 3 tiers every 2 days. With 3 months, or roughly 90 days in the season… can be done. The last battle pass, I paid for the 15 tier skip to go with it and finished on tier hundred and something, but I wanted the 2 tokens at the end for the free next BP, but didn’t get that far, thats impossible unless you buy extra tiers on top.

The “5 pointers” you get in the war bond shop are the Special tasks, and when completed are called “Medals”, and your total is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the War Bond shop.

Earning more medals and saving your war bonds can get you other premium vehicles from the warbond shop, example:

You can get some bushes if you want, you don’t have to buy them.

Then you’ve got the BP “Challenges”. For everyone of these you complete, you get jumped up 3 free tiers.

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Than you so much for this . This was really helpful

Also thanks everyone for answering this post . You all have been very helpful

No worries, my pleasure.

I’ve made a Topic from my post to help others.

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