Battle Pass Vehicles: P-51C-11-NT Mustang (China)

The Mustang is a legendary American propeller fighter aircraft, and the one we’re presenting today was in service with the Chinese Air Force. It’s going to be the aircraft reward for the upcoming Battle Pass season!

P-51C-11-NT Mustang: A Premium Fighter for China at Rank III


  • High speed!
  • Good rate of climb.
  • Possibility of using bombs.
  • Mediocre weaponry.
Vehicle History

American Mustang fighters began appearing in China in 1944, flown by pilots of the Chinese-American Composite Wing (CACW), which was under the direction of the ROC Air Force. The first P-51s that China received were the B and C modifications, and towards the end of the war more modern modifications appeared. Later on, American Mustangs became part of the PLA Air Force, but in 1953 they were finally written off due to wear and tear of parts and for being obsolete. P-51s remained in service the longest at Flight School No.7, where future pilots practiced taxiing them off of takeoff airfields.

Meet the P-51C-11-NT!

When it arrives to the game, the P-51C-11-NT Mustang is going to be a fighter for China and the aircraft reward for the new Battle Pass season that’s starting on April 24th. All-in-all this premium World War II propeller-driven aircraft will be a great addition to the early ranks of the Chinese aircraft tree when it arrives. Let’s take a look!

Download Wallpaper:

In-game, the Chinese P-51C-11-NT Mustang is a transitional modification from earlier variants to the more advanced ones. Let’s take a look at the details. This variant has received a high-altitude Packard V-1650-7 Merlin engine, which significantly exceeds the earlier variants of the Mustang that had Alison engines in almost all aspects; most importantly it increases the altitude ceiling that this plane can fly. In battles at its rank, the P-51C-11-NT will be one of the fastest aircraft thanks to its high rate of climb and ability to conserve energy, perfect to attack from higher altitudes and then fly back up using the boom-and-zoom tactic. This new fighter differs from the Japanese P-51C-11-NT premium by its dorsal fin design, which helps solve the problem of insufficient stability of the aircraft in full control mode.

In terms of weapons, unlike later variants of the P-51, the armament of the P-51C-11-NT is only 4 x 12.7 mm machine guns. While these weapons are good enough in air duels, destroying bombers and even attack aircraft will most likely require multiple attacks and extra precision while shooting. Regardless, despite taking a bit to destroy, enemy tail gunners won’t be happy to see you — be sure to aim well against them to show who’s boss! Additionally, there’s good news if you enjoy ground battles, as this aircraft can separately carry either 2 x 100, 250 or 500 lb bombs!

At the time of release, the P-51C-11-NT will be the second premium aircraft at rank III in the Chinese aviation tree. With this reward, you’re going to have an excellent plane to learn the ropes of aircraft and of course research the lower and mid-ranks of the Chinese aviation tree faster.

That’s today’s blog done! Keep an eye out tomorrow, as we’re planning to tell you about the tank reward for the upcoming Battle Pass season. Until then, have fun flying!


Another p 51


Another P-51C, bruh


Thank you for making this BP extremely skipable. 😎


Old player suggestion. Nice: ROCAF North American P-51C Mustang - Defying Japan - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

The one in game is even the same tail number as the last photo.


Moar P-51C

America bias strike again!!1!

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Isn’t this p51 like the 3rd one we get in a Battle Pass?



P-51, the M4 Sherman of the skies - “everybody” get one at some point.

Btw. When German P-51?


When will ROC vehicles get the White Star for their TT icon?


Guess I’m not touching this battlepass. 2 copy-paste vehicles and a boat I’ll never use. Exciting stuff.


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This one actually gets bombs.

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Ima keep the Mustang and sell the Swedish King Tiger P for 50 bucks.


I for one anticipate the Tiger 2, P51, and Flagstaff. :)

Now we wait for the copy pasted Tiger ll for Sweden they do not need to really make this another skip.

YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! MORE P51S!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Please!!! I beg gajoob! And Russian 51!

We got 3 decent enough bp with some unique vehicles then we get this, come on gaijin, a boat that nobody cares about and 2 copy pasta?
But im totally grinding for that swed tiger 2 tho.

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But if everyone sells it then it’s not gonna be worth $50. You gotta either be the first one to sell if you want that kinda money or keep it for a longgggggg time.