Battle Pass Vehicles: IL-8

We present to you the experimental IL-8 which is an improved variant of the famous IL-2 attack aircraft. What’s the difference? It has an increased bomb load and signature survivability that’s common to the IL series of aircraft. This new aircraft is available in the new season of the upcoming Battle Pass!

IL-8: A Premium Soviet Attack Aircraft at Rank III


  • Bomb loads up to 1000 kg.
  • Good survivability.
  • No rockets.
  • Low speed.
Vehicle History

At the height of WWII, Ilyushin’s design team was tasked with improving the IL-2 attack aircraft by creating two new versions. The first with improved performance characteristics and a reduced payload, and the second with enhanced armor and increasing the payload to 1000 kg. The engine for both versions was to be the new AM-42, and in addition to this numerous improvements to flight and operational characteristics were implemented. The test program for the first prototype of an attack aircraft with enhanced armor, designated the IL-8 AM-42, ended in March 1944. Despite successful test results, this aircraft did not go into production.

Meet the IL-8!

Welcome to the main aircraft prize of the upcoming Battle Pass season — the Soviet IL-8 attack aircraft! This is a modernized version of the earlier versions of the IL-2 that features a new engine and an increased bomb load. You’ll be able to earn this aircraft in the Battle Pass for free by going through Battle Pass levels. Let’s take a closer look!

The IL-8 is fitted with a brand-new AM-42 engine, which in turn has made it noticeably faster at higher altitudes despite its increased weight. Of course the IL-8 is heavy and can only dream of being a fighter aircraft, but reaching speeds of over 400 km/h is now quite possible even when using a medium-sized bomb loadout.

Interesting: Unlike the IL-2, the gunner on the IL-8 is also protected by armor on the sides and bottom. The total mass of armored parts on the IL-8 was 1110 kg!

However the main changes to the IL-8 in the game are at its secondary weapons. There’s some good and bad news: the bad news is that this aircraft does not have any unguided rockets, and the good news is that the total payload has increased to 1000 kg! Thanks to this, at your disposal, you’ll now have a pair of 500 kg bombs and access to the secondary weapon menu, allowing you to place bombs wherever you wish on available bomb pylons.

Download Wallpaper:

Along with the increased bomb load and improved speed, playing the IL-8 will be a very similar playstyle to playing the IL-2 attack aircraft. After you’ve dropped your bombs, using the 23 mm cannons against AI columns in aircraft battles and in shooting open-top or the sides of some lighter tanks in ground battles is ideal. With a bit of practice, you’ll also be able to easily shoot down enemy fighter aircraft at lower altitudes with the deadly 23 mm cannons. As for survivability, the IL-8 can survive a good amount of hits from machine guns, where it’s capable of returning to the airfield to repair any damage. This is thanks to the armored area around the cockpit and frontal area that protects the pilot and engine from incoming bullets. In addition to this, just like on later IL-2s, the back gunner has a 12.7 mm machine gun, where on the IL-8 this area is also protected by bulletproof armor.

In your matches by Ilya, Community Manager: Finally, pilots of the USSR have an IL with a 1000 kg bomb load! At its rank, it’ll be a very good option for both air and ground battles. In ground battles, I would advise flying into the combat area with tanks at extremely low altitudes so that you can avoid SPAA and in-coming aircraft. In air battles, look for cover from allied fighters or other attack aircraft. The slow IL, despite its survivability, can still be chewed up quickly if alone. Always use delayed fuses on your bombs, and always invest crew points into your tail gunner, which is a key to survival!

That’s everything! You’ll be able to receive this cool, plus easy-to-use attack aircraft as a free prize in the upcoming Battle Pass season — the IL-8 will come in handy in any gamemode, so don’t miss your opportunity to grab it. Tomorrow we’ll be telling you about the main tank prize, and on Monday we’ll announce the full list of prizes and conditions for the upcoming season. Stay tuned!


Yay… More cas vehicles… Just what we need right now… XD


Another clone, well done.

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What a cool free prize for the BP!


We don’t have any IL-8 in game currently. This is a unique model :)


That’s a bit of a stretch. It’s just an Il-2 with bigger bombs.

It’s a clone in the way the B-50 is a clone of the B-29. Bigger and more armed.

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Could be such a good TT addition :(

Please add IL-1 and IL-40P 😁

That’s not really the case. It’s a developed version in the same way a Spitfire Mk IX is compared to a Mk V. There are several differences. Naturally the most meaningful in terms of gameplay are the bigger bombs as well as the new engine. But it’s not a “clone” by any means.


ok, so the best IL attacker is going to be a BP vehicle. I hope another version will come later in the TT or premium, because 1000 bombs on an IL is a huge thing that’s been lacking since the beginning.

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It’s pretty close to a clone. Unless there’s a considerable performance difference, it is, in essence, the same plane. The Mk V to Mk IX comparison is a little weak too, considering they go back and forth in the tech tree, with incredibly similar playstyles and performance (LF excluded in the last bit).

I don’t really care that it’s a copy-paste with a new name, I’m happy to bolster my premium lineup, but to say it’s completely unique is a bit disingenuous.

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As a variant of an aircraft, it is a unique model just as the Spitfires and many other aircraft families have diffrences and variants.

Unless your definition of a “clone” means anything except an entirely separate type of aircraft, this is not just a reskined aircraft. There are model differences. It is not a “copy-paste”. That would be incorrect.


very much big nice a lot!

(as somebody, who doesn’t grind planes, but is interested in trying them out, this is very attractive to me)


Oh, I am actually quite interested on this one!

Russia 4.0 and 5.3 are some of the few low tier lineups that I like playing. There, I use IL-2 (1942), which is fine, but, sometimes, I find the 250 kg bombs a bit lackluster.

Two 500 kg bombs are what I always wanted down there!

Il 2 with bigger bombs. Even no need in doing new 3d model - il 10 already exists.
Absolutely uninteresting bp


The only outward differences I see are the engine cowl, the antenna configuration and the gunner’s section of the cabin, compared to the Il-2M. The wing looks the same, the fuselage looks the same, the tail looks the same, the landing gear looks the same, so on, so forth.

When I say copy-paste, there’s a bit of hyperbole and a bit of nuance to the idea. No, it’s not 100% identical, but it is incredibly similar, to the point where in the overwhelming majority of cases you wouldn’t notice the difference between them.

Edit: so, after a little research, it’s more like an Il-2 that’s been put in the copy machine at 110%. The wings and fuselage and landing gear are new, but they’re just slightly embiggened versions of the Il-2 design. But according to what I read, the first prototype Il-8 only had an 800kg bombload, and the second prototype with the 1000kg bombload had NS-23 cannons and a 20mm B-20 for rear defense. This model appears to be a mishmash of the actual prototypes.


Another air tractor, will this be the “free” vehicle of the pass?

Likely so. Too low BR for the main prize I think.

I am very pleased with the development of this BP season as I need a 3 month break from WT anyway.
We will see what the WB shop brings. I mean we already have TT rank VIII and WB shop offers only rank III, so I won´t hold my breath.

Where PTABs? :P

We have missiles with 30km range but still no AT cluster bombs? :(

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